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AION is an MMORPG from the United States, which tells about the adventures of the knight in a fantasy world of Atreia. Virtual world in this game is divided into two parallel world, namely Asmodae and Elysea. Asmodae world's inhabitants, called Asmodian which has distinctive features, such as black / blue skin, while the inhabitants of Elysea, called Elyos with a white / brown. Both of these races hostile to each other. Let us enjoy the new adventure together with new race and a cheating tool that can make your character so powerful and invincible. Here are Aion hack and cheat guides, get unlimited kinah and others - download for free!

Download Aion hack exe latest version file. Extract the file on your PC and click to open. Login to your game. Make sure that your internet connection is correct. Press 'Start' button, to injecting hack script to game server. Wait few minutes until the injection process is.

When it starts to play, the player will be asked to choose whether to become a race of the Elyos or Asmodian. In one server, one player ID, can only be Elyos characters only, or Asmodian only. Both Asmodian and Elyos have wings and can fly in certain areas. In some areas, this fly function can not be activated and the player must walk for the adventurous. The function of this fly has a time limit. However, in the world called the Abyss, flying time is getting longer. However, in the world Abyss, monsters challenge and the threat of war with other races become higher.

Throughout the game there is a main quest that became the storyline in this game. This quest will be adjusted to the level of the player. Not only the main quest, the NPC in the game could also provide a side quest to add items or kinah (currency in this game). In addition to the quest, kinah can also be obtained by speculating sell items to other players through a broker. Kinah can later be used to purchase items, buy a pet, and home decorating.

Leave your old ways to hunt kinah, now there a tool to help you to add unlimited kinah automatically. In addition it does provide other features that make it very amazing, like playing on god mode, so that your character will be powerful and not easily defeated. Enjoy the excitement and it work well for all Aion Series / expansion, just by downloading it. Do not worry mate, we've been testing this tool with a very satisfactory conclusion and also safe on account.

'This is a screenshot of Aion hack software final version. Each version has a different look.'

1. Unlimited kinah.
2. Max damage.
3. God mode.
4. Exp booster and speed hack.
5. Full daily update.
6. Work for all expansions / series.
7. Clean from malicious or phishing programs.
8. Works on all game versions / expansions.
9. Safe for your accounts.

'How to use this software. Read carefully so that the tool can work normally.'

1. Download Aion hack exe latest version file.
2. Extract the file on your PC and click to open.
3. Login to your game.
4. Make sure that your internet connection is correct.
5. Press 'Start' button, to injecting hack script to game server.
6. Wait few minutes until the injection process is completed.
7. Restart your game and enjoy.

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OMG cooool hax dude! i got all my premium items now!
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