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Asus Zenfone 5 Ze620kl TWRP Recovery

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Hack Vip All Boss No Download


Hack all boss no file download


v13.6.09 April 2021

  • Lui fixed music

v13.5.05 October 2020

  • Lui cannot be stopped

v13.4.04 October 2020

  • Lui added low% presets. Can no one stop this mad man?

v13.3.024 September 2020

  • Lui added any% RMG presets.
  • Added some cool fonts.
  • Added 'fill everything' to equipment menu.

v13.2.015 September 2020

  • Link state:
    • Added ancillae search index editor
  • RNG control:
    • Added an option for forcing the frame counter to a specific value for frame rule testing.
    • Removed cannonball and soldier settings in favor of forced frames.
  • HUD extras:
    • Merged misslots- and DG-watch into a single feature under the name 'Super Watch'.
  • Ancillae watch has been revamped to be more readable and expandable.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The ancillae watch revamp means the quickwarp indicator is no longer overwritten.
    • Menu sound effects no longer cause problems when changing certain options.
    • Fixed mastersword LSD effect.

v13.1.123 April 2020

  • More efficient music muting, accomplished by adjust ADSR (sorry Myramong).
  • Fixed invisible timers caused by MVN.

v13.1.08 Feb 2020

  • Old versions of the practice hack are no longer archived on GDrive. All future versions will point to the same file, without the version in its name.
  • Added versioning and custom title to the file select screen.
  • Added an explanation of Cycle Control to the site.
  • Input display has been made to be persistent across multiple versions.
  • The input display can now be shut off or changed to the old version. When off, it will still use its normal CPU time, as it is a core feature and part of Cycle Control. The old input display is laggier, and that will not be fixed. Nor can it be.
  • The segment timer has been downgraded to an optional feature and is no longer part of Cycle Control.
  • Added Icebreaker to RAM watch. It's just subpixels with an icon for being in a door.
  • Fill rupees now applies immediately. No more ching cha ching.
  • Experimenting with a background on input display for more visibility in certain places.
  • Lui fixed weird savestate on death behavior.
  • Lui also fixed the dumb bow stuff in AD presets.
  • Fluting now resets the timer.
  • Moved some code so that Vanilla HUD variants can enjoy cleaner menu characters.

v13.0.12 Feb 2020

    Bug fixes:
  • Setting health works properly again.
  • Health refills no longer flash the HUD.
  • Fixed Lanmo cycles. Probably
  • Fixed file select E.
  • Fixed segment timer.

v1322 Jan 2020

  • Several features have been adjusted to persist across practice hack updates (assuming you use the same file name). Please hold Start+Select on power-on the first time you use this update.
  • Cycle Control™ - made a number of features' lag contribution consistent, even when they're disabled.
      The following features have Cycle Control™:
    • Input display
    • Room timer
    • Lag timer
    • Idle frames
    • Segment timer
    • Coordinates
    • Quick warp indicator
  • HUD Extras:
    • New arbitrary RAM watch with the following options:
      • Subpixels
      • Spooky altitude
      • Arc variable
    • Deleted subpixels in favor of the above
    • Heart lag spinner. If it's animated, there's heart lag.
  • RNG control:
    • First Vitreous eyeball charge (slot positions shown in image with the option's description above)
  • Timer improvements
    • The lag counter is now red, to distinguish it from idle frames and to make it scary looking.
    • Fast moving walls will now add in the difference they saved to room times.
      New triggers:
    • Getting keys
    • Bonking
    • Chest appearing
    • Bombing stuff
    • Moving walls start/end
  • Sleek new input display that looks like a controller. Also way more efficient.
  • Digging game and Super Bomb timers are added back, just below the input display.
  • Bonking, etc. no longer leave weird camera offsets after preset loading.
  • Enemy HP display is more efficient in finding enemies, but also less picky.
  • Saved a few cycles on health display.
  • New icons for things in the practice menu.
  • When dealing with number field options, the d-pad now changes all values by 1. L and R can be used to cycle through larger amounts.
  • Removed the debug lag setting, since no one bothered with it.
  • Temporarily removed decimal coordinates.
  • Added SD2SNES debug version to site.

v12.126 Oct 2019

  • Updated the Emerald font.
  • Menu improvements
    • Added icons to menu items indicating what they do.
    • You can now use X to clear menu options.
    • Documented all these features on the site.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed graphical/memory issue with the Mirror toggle.

v1224 Oct 2019

  • Gameplay
    • Fast moving walls - thanks Pinkus
  • Link state - New menu
    • Waterwalk
    • Activate superbunny
    • Activate Lonk
    • Finish mirror door
    • Statue drag
    • Armed EG*
    • EG strength*
    • * Will these options ever catch a break? They keep moving around!
  • HUD extras
    • DG watch - fully explained here
  • Configuration
    • HUD font - I probably won't add more than 16
  • Added sound effects to the practice menu to help indicate responsiveness.
  • Updated the Practice menu font a little.
  • Removed the Japanese text for 'Pendants' and 'Crystals', mostly to make room for new graphics.
  • Removed the red gloves and put boots back.
  • Lag changes:
    • Heart lag compensation has been lowered and may be slightly too little, giving 1 less lag frame than vanilla on occasion.Please help calibrate lag by reporting numbers in places.
    • Crystal cutscenes should no longer be extremely slow, thanks to Pinkus.
    • Slightly optimized input display. Hopefully lag when mashing text is a little closer to vanilla.
    • The floor number indicator on the HUD has had its cycles added back in, matching vanilla perfectly without writing to BG3.
  • Fixed some HUD bugs:
    • Lanmolas cycle toggle no longer messes with graphics.
    • Removed heart refill animation without affecting lag.

v1112 Oct 2019

  • Under new management. General maintaining of the practice hack has been outsourced to the Americas.
  • A handful of menu items were moved around to keep similar options together.
  • Presets
    • All Dungeons preset (thanks to JoshRTA)
  • Game state
    • Full dungeon room resets
    • World state toggle
    • Crystal switch toggle
    • EG strength - renamed and added EG 0
  • Gameplay
    • Skip Triforce
    • Sanc heart*
    • Disable beams
    • Visible probes
    • Lit rooms* - also improved to work on current room
    • See bonk items
    • Disable BG1
    • Disable BG2
    • OoB Mode
    • * Moved from another menu
  • RNG control
    • Prize packs
  • Shortcuts
    • LTTPHack menu is now set in stone
    • VRAM repair
    • Somaria pits
  • HUD extras - renamed from 'Counters'
    • Input display
    • Room time
    • Lag counter
    • Idle frames
    • Segment time
    • Lanmolas cycles
    • Lagometer
    • Enemy HP
    • Misslots RAM watch
    • Option already existed, but was renamed
    • Moved from 'Features' menu
  • Renamed 'Features' menu to 'Configuration'
  • Holding START+SELECT on boot will now reset the practice hack configuration as intended.
  • Various features are now disabled during map screens.
  • Fixed a bug that somehow only prevented the GT Wizzrobes 2 preset from loading.
  • Replaced broken graphics in the item menu with placeholder tiles.
  • General refactoring. Practice hack control should be smoother now.


This version was lost in a time paradox.

v9 - 08.02.2018

  • Presets
    • Added 'Bosses' menu at the bottom.
    • Added 'Ganon (full magic)' preset.
    • Fixed crystal state for Pokey 1.
    • Misspellings.
  • Item/Equipment
    • Better control over each bottle and its contents.
    • Set which big keys you have.
  • Game state
    • Skip text
    • Remove sprites
    • Boss defeated
    • Pendants and crystals
    • Game flags, Progress, Map indicator
    • Toggle armed/strong EG
  • RNG control
  • Configurable controller shortcuts
  • Features
    • Music
    • Idle frames
    • Lagometer
    • Made it possible to toggle on/off any of the counters.
    • Disabled the 'Show enemy HP' by default.
  • Persist some things through console power-off/on, resets or load state.
  • Comes in VanillaHUD and NoSaveState versions.
  • Fixed bug that set game phase to 'Agahnim killed' when upgrading sword manually
  • Fixed bug that didn't update frame counters on mirror or underworld warps.
  • Set the SNES header ROM size to 2mb. This fixes an issue where the ROM would not load properly on some platforms (everdrive).
  • Show version in lttphack menu.
  • Instant lttphack menu (no waiting for menu to go up/down).
  • Improved transition detection (triggers on mirror/warp, reset counters when you start a new file)

v8 - 24.10.2016

  • Complete rewrite.
  • Presets.
  • I don't even remember anymore. This is the same version that's been around for a while, I just arbitrarily decided to remove 'beta2' from the version.

v7 - 15.12.2015

  • Made save/load state code more robust. Screen should not get messed up anymore by loading during mirror warp.
    Big thanks to total for this fix.
  • Added a toggle for 'always lit rooms'.

v6 - 09.12.2015

  • Fixed a bug that made the game crash when resetting segment counter.

v5 - 08.12.2015

  • Made Link get full equipment when using 3rd filename slot before starting a game.
  • Added controller inputs for:
    • Upgrading sword, armor and shield.
    • Filling HP, magic, rupees and stuff.
    • Pause game and frame advance.
    • Displaying Link's coordinates.

v4 - 05.12.2015

  • Fixed a bug where saving or loading would add a frame to your attempts in a room.
  • Added a 'Full HP indicator'.

v3 - 02.12.2015

  • Removed a bunch of lag. Should be less laggy than original ROM now.
  • Added 'Quick Warp Indicator'.
  • Better enemy detection.
  • Removed per-room Game Time counter.
  • Better B. Thanks, Audity.

v2 - 30.11.2015

  • Fixed issue where parts of segment timer was erased.
  • Fixed issue where counters didn't run during maiden crystal sequence.
  • Added better transition detection for boss victory → overworld.

v1 - 29.11.2015

  • Initial release