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Download COD Black OPS 3 Hacks Cheats for PC, PS 3, PS 4, XboxOne and Xbox360! Call of Duty: Black OPS 3 III game hack UNLOCK EVERYTHING!Black OPS 3 Triche COD Black OPS 3 Hack. COMPLETE ESP COD BLACK OPS 2. Find and kill all enemies every round! With the ESP feature in our Black Ops 2 hack, you can see all the other player characters and names wrapped in a “box ESP”.The “box ESP” wrap around the players will be displayed in RED if the player is. EasyHits4u HACK Bot Features: - Auto Captcha Resolve - Captcha Pop-Up Window When Timer Is Over. Download Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Hacks free from file search engine.

Nov 12th, 2012
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Black Ops 2 Hack Tool Download No Survey
  1. Black Ops 2 call of duty aimbot hack without surveys needed for the download. Tons of people are searching if there is a aimbot for black ops 2 for ps3 or xbox 360. We have the just released cod black ops 2 aimbot hack that will work for ps3, xbox360, and pc. YOu dont have to look for ways to cheat on cod black ops 2 anymore. For kids and adults alike, we also have prestige hacks for b02 game. Only working v1.1b no surveys black ops 2 ps3 aimbot tool.
  2. DOWNLOAD ----------
  3. Aimbot
  4. Auto Wall - Lock onto players through walls. (Only walls that can be shot through)
  5. No Spread - Bullets all hit 1 spot, instead of spreading around.
  6. Aim Assistance - Shoot where you want, it will kill the enemies for you without aim them ( our best feature ).
  7. Auto Meele - When a player is within reach, the aimbot will Auto Knife him.
  8. Chopper Gunner - Aimbot available in the Chopper Gunner.
  9. FOV - (Field Of View) If you want to look legit, lower it, if you like to 'Rage' put it at 360 degrees.
  10. Auto Attack - When the aimbot locks onto a player, it will Auto shoot him/attack him.
  11. Smooth Aiming - Their is no 'Jerk' like the regular aimbot, this makes you look more Legit.
  12. Smart Targeting - The aimbot will auto aim at who ever is the 'Highest Threat' and kill them first.
  13. Switch After Kill - The aimbot will Auto Lock onto another player, after one is killed (When enabled)
  14. Aim At Visible Target - The aimbot will ONLY aim at visible targets, instead aiming through walls.
  15. Trace All Bones - If a players, Leg or Arm for example is visible, the aimbot will auto aim at it.
  16. ESP
  17. Name - Displays the name of each player in the room, above their head (Visible through walls)
  18. Weapon - Able to see weapons through walls, making them easier to find.
  19. Bounding Box - Puts a box around each player in the game (Visible through walls) Making them easier to find.
  20. Wallhacks
  21. Chams - Put a color on the players and show them through the walls.
  22. Radar - Display's enemy's and your teammates, making it easier to find them.
  23. Enemy Warnings - When someone is Aiming at you, you will be notified. Misc
  24. Crosshair - Pick from 4 cross-hairs to put in the middle of the screen. (Crosshair is a little X making it easier to aim)

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