Check Cashed V3 Download Speed Hack

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Free Combat Arms VIP Hacks – Aimbot, God Mode, Speed & More

IG4L is giving away free Combat Arms VIP hacks with aimbot, god mode, fly mode, speed hacks, and more all for free! This Free Combat Arms VIP pack is from TGS.

Check it out now!

The Following is a quote:

CCV3 Download:!uFZEiQ6A!wU8SIatVT1alAgrTO3Tpt5sB2NAEp7xFjVcng9BChMs.

Check Cashed V3 Download Speed Hack

Want to start off the New Year with TGS VIP hacks for Combat Arms? Let me rephrase that.

Want to start off the New Year with TGS VIP hacks for Combat Arms that you got, FOR FREE!!!!

Yes it is true. IG4L is having another event, but the rewards for this event are even greater!

TGS V.I.P Features

Check Cashed V5

Aim Angle
Aim Key
Aim Mode
Aim Prediction
Cham Skins
Custom Cham Colors
Crosshair Hack
Fly Hack
God Mode
Gravity Hack
Enemy OPK
No Fall
No Fog
No Recoil
No Spread
Speed Hack
Super Jump
Zoom Hack!

and lots more!!!!

Originally $20 !!! FREE !

This event is also much easier to participate in, with better prizes to claim.

How this event will work:

Just be active! Post ALOT

As in the other event, posting in the Maplestory, Runescape, and Emulation sections increase your chances at winning.

In other words. Posting a lot of spam and “thanks” won’t do any good. If you post downloads for hacks, server files or tutorials. You have higher winning chances. Don’t forget ” Quality over Quantity

The Deadline is December 30, 2008.

First place wins free TGS VIP hacks for 1 month
Second place wins $10 via PayPal

Why should you not think this is a joke or bullshit?
For starters, just try out in the contest and work hard to see for yourself
IG4L has a history of NO Bullshit


Q: Are you allowed to give people TGS VIP?
A: You can change the GUID for the hacks any time you want. That means it will work on any computer! (Just not at the same time)

Q: You are trying to trick us.
A: If you think this is some kind of sick joke, don’t participate.

Q: There will be viruses.
A: The download is directly from TGS. In fact, you will have a TGS account that is VIP where you can change the passwords, information, etc.

Some Evidence:

Picture of OPK: (With my Hacking Account)



The Deadline is December 30, 2008.
Post ALOT to win (no spamming Maplestory, Runescape & Emu section for higher chances at winning)

Good Luck all!


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