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2) WPE Pro (2006/ 2007 - 2017) Together with Penguin Storm is one of the first hacks in the history of Club Penguin. With WPE Pro you could win stamps and coins, hack games and many other things. It is one hack on this list that was not created specifically for Club Penguin. He also enjoyed other tricks that were patched by Club Penguin. Cp Member Hack v5 /Works/ Uploaded by WoogiFun147 Downloads: 0 It Works For 1 Month Membership, 6 Month, 12 month,2 years,3 years,4 years, and 5 years of membership And I Only Scaned With Awesome Virus Scanner I Scanned Every day for 1 year so it should have no problems and no virus!!!Write User And Pass And It Says Membership Days Write.

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Many of you that love to play online and MMO games may have already heard about Club Penguin , but if you did not , its one of the most popular online games. Even though this game is free ,Club Penguin Membership generator was made for those who already played free version and want to unlock many extra features. With membership you can dress up penguins with more options, change the look of your igloo , participate in parties and adopt more puffles. Like many similar games you can buy these features with credit card or you can try to get club penguin free membership codes using the hack tool.

What is Club Penguin Membership Hack ?

Along with many other tools we came across these days this is certainly one of the more advanced hack. It looks like it was present for quite some time but older versions added some minor stuff like coins. Version 2.2 has many new features such as secured servers where the cp membership codes are stored when they are generated. Each type of code is stored on separate server and it allows you to get separate 1 , 6 and 12 months codes. This option became quite popular since you can get all 3 codes in same day. This is how it looks like:

Download Club Penguin Membership Generator 2.2

Download is available on official website

Status: Working / Updated : June 2013

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Download and Run the generator
  2. Choose your Club Penguin membership codes (You can choose 1, 6 and 12 months)
  3. Click Generate and wait for it to finish
  4. Download the updated database of codes
  5. Run the database to get your code and it will automatically activate it
  6. Redeem and Enjoy !
PenguinClub Penguin 6 Month Membership Hack Download

You can choose alternative server if you have problems downloading from main server.

More Info about the club penguin hack and new version

When developing cheats and hacks for games its not always easy to make them from scratch. But when there are some similar tools already made its much easier to adapt these tools. This is the case with membership generator for club penguin. Original developers allowed us to change the skin and change some core functions to allow more codes to be generated. It resulted in much better tool and original authors are now using this version as well. Algorithm that searches for the codes is updated and now provides more 6 and 12 months codes. Secured servers where the club penguin codes are uploaded is 256 bit encrypted. That means that each code is safe and can be used on your main account.

Update 2.0 brought many changes to activation success of codes that are generated and it is at the moment over 92%. To clarify , club penguin free membership codes that you get are inactive and need to be activated. This is why you will get a small activator tool along with club penguin membership hack database. This process can take up to 24h but you can submit more then one code if you Like or share our page , which unlocks dedicated servers. These servers contain much more codes and are updated more frequently. Until we added separate servers to cp memebership generator you could only get one code per day , but now you can actually get all three.

Here is a video tutorial:

Club Penguin Free Membership Generator & Hack -Tutorial for 2013 from Oliver on Vimeo.

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The original post can be found on and there you can download the latest version of the tool. We are just announcing the news.

Free Membership Hack

Thanks to our developers and most to our Club Penguin membership codes supplier and after all hard work is done, is proud to present: Club Penguin Membership Code Generator

Club Penguin 6 Month Membership Hack Download

We all know that Club Penguin can be played as a free game but with this “club penguin free membership hack” you will get much more. You must be familiar with the benefits of Club Penguin membership and for those who are not let me name just a few:

  • You will get unlimited access to everything in Club Penguin
  • More games (means more fun)
  • Exclusive special features and priority server access
  • New things for you to discover and play every week (even more fun for you)
With new updated Club Penguin Membership Code Generator you will get 6 months free Club Penguin membership.
  • New design as you can see from images
  • No more crashes when connecting to server
  • Now 95% success when generates codes
  • Various other bug fixes

How to download Club Penguin Membership Code Generator

  • First of all, you need to download it, for that click on the download button below
  • After that save it on your desktop
  • Now, since the CP membership generator is in RAR archive you want to extract from it on to your desktop
  • Click on Generate button to get code for your free Club Penguin membership