Cod4 Old School Hack Download

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Fixed Call of Duty 4 minimap/airstrike map not showing - fixed Call of Duty 4 NoRecoil/Spread (in zoommode only) 1.1.0 - fixed Day of Defeat:Source - removed AimType CrosshairDistance (if you used it you can use FOV 180) - added Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.7 - added F10 as new gui toggle key.

  • READ!!!!!HACK PASSWORD IS wh!!!!!This hack is called ArtificialAiming-Radar.Download link:
  • May 17, 2010 3rd. Launch the 'oshicod4v5'.exe program then search for the location of the 'call of duty 4 MP.exe' file, so 'iw3mp' 4th. Once it has been located select it, it will then start up your mw1 game to the normal menu of your game once in there press the 'ins' or 'insert' button jsut above the delete button to open up the 'Hack menu' ScreenShots.
  • Medal of Honor Stalingrad map converted for COD4 Game: Call of Duty 4 Supported Gametype: Multiplayer: Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch: Headquarters: Search and Destroy: Domination: Sabotage No Old School Map Size: 6-12: Medium Map Installation Instructions: Place usermaps in /activision/call of duty 4.
With this hack you can get aimbot in these games:
Call of Duty 4
Battlefield Heroes
Day of Defeat:Source
Team Fortress 2
CounterStrike: GO
Tribes Ascend



Cod4 Old School Hack DownloadOld school hack fusion is very powerful and still undetected! This hack let you play battlefield heroes with aimbot. Aimbot - is function that lets you aim to other player head/leg or other body part. With aimbot you can get lots of kills and make you heroe level grow faster.
Remeber! Be careful with aimbots, becouse when people see you when you using it they can report you and you will get banned.


  1. Download hack.
  2. Run hack.
  3. Press F10 IN-GAME to open hack options.
Download Link - OSH Fusion 1.1.8
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Old School Hack Adventures

  • Wallhack
  • Chams
  • ESP Name/BOX/Visible/Weapon
  • UAV
  • No Recoil
  • No Flash
  • Screenshot Cleaner
  • Laser
  • Crosshair
  • Aimbot

Cod4 Old School Hack Download Free

How To?
  • Run Hack
  • Run Game
  • Hack will Autodetect & Close after Inject

Cod4 Old School Hack Download Windows 7

  • F4 - No Flash On/Off
  • F5 - Laser On/Off
  • F6 - Wallhack On/Off
  • F7 - Chams On/Off
  • F8 - UAV On/Off
  • F9 - Recoil On/Off
  • F10 - All ESP On/Off
  • F11 - Crosshair On/Off
  • SHIFT + F9 - Aimbot On/Off
  • SHIFT + F8 - Aimkey +/-
  • SHIFT + F4 - FOV MinDist +
  • SHIFT + F3 - FOV MinDist -
  • CNTRL + F8 - AimThrough On/Off
  • CNTRL + F6 - AimSpot +
  • CNTRL + F5 - AimSpot -
  • CNTRL + F4 - AimSpeed -
  • CNTRL + F3 - AimSpeed +
  • ALT + F5 - Line ESP on/Off
  • CNTRL + ALT + F11 - Auto Pistol On/Off