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January 2015

H1Z1 Extra Sensory Perception hack tool or most commonly known as H1Z1 ESP hack and H1Z1 ESP cheat is you must have if you are looking to teach those noob hackers a lesson and pay them back for the damage they are doing to your team unfairly. H1Z1 has an amazing terrain with mountains, structures, hills, trees and bushes, streams, and whatnot. Download our free H1Z1 Hack for King of the Kill (KOTK) and Just Survive H1Z1 hack! It has over 30 different options and features, like most of our Multi-Hacks. We have included Aimbot, ESP, 2D radar cheats and more! The new hack is coded from scratch by us and will be undetected for a long time due to our extensive work that went into it.

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TMCheats is proud to present the first ever H1Z1 multihack with Aimbot, ESP, NoClip, teleport and much more!

Update 15/2-2015
Added instant kill (one shot kill anything, including vehicles!)

Update 2/2-2015
Added magic bullet (allows you to shoot through walls!)
Added silent aim (shoot anywhere and enemies will fall!)

Update 31/1-2015
Added NoSpread (all bullets will hit dead center!)

Update 28/1-2015
Added player weapons esp (see which weapon a player has!)
Updated anticheat countermeasures
Added screenshot bypass

Update 26/1-2015
Added visibility checks to aimbot and esp

Update 22/1-2015
Added hardware ID spoofer

Update 21/1-2015
Added ingame map (

Update 20/1-2015
Added No Fall Damage

Update 19/1-2015:
Added weapons, ammunition, items, loot, cars etc
Fixed friends list
Fixed ninja mode; it will no longer teleport you back to your original position or jump between targets (it has also been limited to players now, zombies will be aimed at normally)
Added separate settings for players and zombies in both aimbot and esp tabs
Added autosprint
Added esp for dead players; this esp will disappear when the player respawns
Added teleport
Added panic mode; temporarily removes all cheat visuals from screen

Update 17/1-2015:
Added aimbot
Added ninja mode (teleport to other players!)
Added no-recoil
Added autofire
Added health esp

Update 17/1-2015
Added aimbot
Added ninja mode (teleport to other players!)
Added no-recoil
Added autofire
Added health esp
Added speed hack
Added noclip (allows you to fly!)

Similar Work

You’ll be able to find to H1Z1 cheats anywhere in the hack market, but none of these hacks can rival ours. Not only are our H1Z1 hacks filled with helpful features and great in terms of quality, they are also undetected.

The only problem that players have with most hacks is that they can be detected by anti-cheat, resulting in bans. We assure you that this won’t be a problem for you with our hacks for any game, including H1Z1. This is because we’ve taken precautions to keep all our hacks protected from anti-cheat software and any spectators watching you play.

You won’t ever have to worry about putting all your progress at risk while using our undetected H1Z1 hacks!

H1Z1 is an older battle royale game as compared to most others. It features both the classical battle royale gameplay along with some unique modes that are intense and nerve-wracking.

H1Z1 is famous for its exhilarating ranked matches. These ranked matches are highly competitive and even the slightest of mistakes can cost players the match. Winning games in H1Z1 is no easy thing to do, unless you’ve got the best H1Z1 hacks on your side.

As mentioned, H1Z1 is highly competitive. While other modes can be played casually, losing matches in ranked is very frustrating and stressful. In order to stop this, players tend to use H1Z1 hacks in order to get the upper hand against their enemies.

When you decide to play ranked matches in H1Z1, the only thing that matters is winning. Nothing promises success like our undetected H1Z1 cheats, which is exactly why you should give our hacks a go.

Our encrypted hacks will make sure your account stays safe while you continue to have fun with our H1Z1 hacks. Our hacks can help you if you’re looking to win games or to get revenge on all the other players that have used hacks against you.

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Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be able to dominate every game of H1Z1 you play as long as you’ve enabled our cheats.

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Sometimes while playing H1Z1, you can get unlucky. In some cases, you won’t be able to find any good guns or you might get into a fight by yourself against an entire team. If you’re using our premium H1Z1 aimbot, it doesn’t matter what gun you have or how many people you’re fighting.
Our H1Z1 aimbot will help you eliminate any and all enemies in a matter of seconds. You can get rid of entire teams even with the worst weapons. This is because our aimbot can do much more than just helping you with your aim.
The premium H1Z1 aimbot we offer is filled with perks such as one hit kills and bone prioritization. These perks can help you tear down entire teams in an instant without wasting any time.

Lots of players tend to hide and wait for the right moment to attack in H1Z1. This can get both boring and frustrating. Getting eliminated while you’re casually walking or looting is common in H1Z1. Fortunately for you, our H1Z1 Wallhack can make sure it isn’t a problem ever again.
If you wish to get the better of your enemies or to see any people planning unwelcome surprises for you, our Wallhacks can help you. You’ll be able to see any opponent through solid surfaces using our H1Z1 Wallhack.
Our H1Z1 ESP can be used to find out a player’s name and the amount of health they have left. They also allow you to find weapons and explosives to help make looting much easier.

Many people tend to ignore other cheats and only use aimbot or Wallhacks. However there are many other helpful hacks rather than just these ones. One example of this is Radar hacks which are great for staying out of danger.
Radar hacks allow players to know about everything going on around them. They allow you to see if and where any nearby enemies are hiding, allowing you to surprise them or stay safe from ambushes. Radar hacks can help with a number of things, as they also allow you to be a scout for your squad.
Our H1Z1 Radar is no different. You’ll know everything about your surroundings, allowing you to keep yourself and any teammates safe from unwanted danger.

Dominate H1Z1 with our Premium Cheats

Our hacks provide players with all the fun and safety they could possibly need. You can turn competitive ranked matches into child’s play with our hacks. You’ll be able to greatly improve your rank in only a few matches.
What makes things even better is the fact that you’ll be completely safe while dominating each match. Our hacks have been encrypted to stay safe from spectators and anti-cheat. This means that nothing can get in the way of you and glory once you’ve activated our hacks!