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Download Pokemon X & Y GBA and Mega Emerald X & Y, a GBA Rom Hack, Latest Version: Final Version, patched and ready to play. Pokemon X Y GBA. Pokemon X & Y GBA is a hack of Pokemon Emerald. Do you want to enjoy the feelings of playing Pokemon X & Y but have no 3DS or your devices are not enough to use Citra? With this game, you will have a free chance to play X & Y on GBA. This is the website of Pokemon X & Y GBA including ROM Download, Cheats, Walkthrough and Guides.

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Pokemon X & Y is another hack for Pokemon Emerald. I must say, Pokemon Emerald is too famous because it is the ultimate combination of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire.

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Download Pokemon Xy Gba Rom Hack

Moreover, many different Pokemon hackers usually use it to create their own hacks with many properties. And they satisfy us so much by giving the origin gameplay with a great storyline – a big region to explore with many areas, etc…
PokemonWell, now let’s come to Pokemon X & Y GBA. What do you think it will have?


  • The Pokemon from Generation VI will come to this hack. Actually the author has added all the Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y on Nintendo 3DS, which means you will have many different combinations in your party. Check it yourself.
  • The original story of Pokemon Emerald is not changed.
  • The graphics is changed a little bit.
  • The region is not like the same as before.




We have a fan website for Pokemon X & Y (GBA). You should go to this site to know how to download & play this game hack, insert & activate in-game Cheat Codes and view game quest guides/walkthroughs. Everything is free for Pokemon Fans.

Pokemon X & Y (GBA) Hack


>>>> Link Dowload Pokemon:

Game Pokemon

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Credits to Gamefreak and their creators*


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