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Start our Dragon City Hack and get Unlimited Gems, Gold and Food. 100% Gennuine, Legit and Working Dragon City Gems Generator. Dragon City Hack Mod Apk! Targeted: iOS, Android, Windows! No download required! Updated - December, 2018. Dragon City is a new Fb game from Spanish creator Social Point, creators of the Social Empires and Social Wars. The new headline is a puppy breeding sim concept. This Dragon City hack gems allowyou to get a lot of no cost gems for your dragons.

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  • About Game Dragon City. Dragon City is a game combining classic sims known from facebook with productions focusing on taking care of virtual pets. This time, the creators decided to give into our hands the most recognizable creatures of the fantasy genre, dragons. At the beginning of the game, we receive the first egg from which our pupil hatches.
  • STEP #3: Locate the Latest Dragon City MOD / Hack and then open it. Simply give all the necessary permissions and install it on your device. STEP #4: In the next step, Launch the Dragon City MOD & Enjoy. That’s it, it’s over! This is how you can install the mod version of Dragon City on your Android devices. Download Dragon City Apk For Android.
  • We tried to discuss Dragon City Hack in this Article. Which you can apply to get free unlimited gems and Gold to become the Dragon Master. Use our online tool to create unlimited Gems and Gold, participate in every tournament, and win the comfort way. Hack game Dragon City convinced many players about their eagerness for the game.
Dragon City Cheat Gold Hack New Update 100% Work, this cheat is useful to help us to get a lot of gold. Cheat Gold Hack New Update 100% Work, no banned and Pemanent.
Tools Used:
  • Cheat Engine 6.1 or 6.2

  • Your Browser
  • and this script:
  1. Run Cheat Engine
  2. Select browser process
  3. In cheat engine open > table >show cheat table lua script
  4. Paste script above in cheat table lua script
  5. Activate script when loading map
  6. Download Auto clicker: http://www.coksoft.com/auto-clicker-for-windows.htm
  7. See Video tutorials below:
Description: Dragon City Cheat Gold Hack New Update 100% Work Rating: 4.5

Dragon City Hack Free Download


New Working dragon city hack 2020 for dragon city players. Use our new dragon city guide to hack dragon city with our new latest dragon city tool working on every device in 2020. Happy cheats just released a new dragon city generator to help dragon city players to play dragon city game like a pro player. Be the best in dragon city with unlimited dragon city gems, gold, and food. Lots of you have been gamers struggling to find a way to hack dragon city.

Most of the players always ask us how to hack dragon city is there any way to get free gems In dragon city. Well yes, happy cheats new dragon city hack comes with new dragon city tool. Our generator will help you to generate an unlimited amount of free gems and gold for free. This is one best dragon city hack with 100% working cheats that’s why this hack guide stand out out of those other useless internet dragon city hacks that waste your time. Use our trusted dragon city cheats with dragon city hack tutorial to get your desired gems.

Dragon City Free Gems

It’s always been hard to get gems in dragon city for free. Using gems you can buy lots of gold and tons of food to feed dragon city dragons. Everything depends on the dragon city gems because it’s the only main currency to upgrade everything in dragon city. Dragon city gems can be purchased through the dragon city store. But not all gamers have money to buy dragon city gems. Dragon city does provide quests where you can earn dragon city free gems by completing tasks in dragon city. But nobody has free time to complete tasks. Players want to enjoy the game they do not want to waste time. Now you might be thinking about how to get free gems in dragon city. I’ll show you how to hack dragon city step by step. So you can do it by yourself using our new dragon city hack 2020 guide with extra bonus dragon city tool.

Dragon City Cheats

Happy cheats have amazing dragon city cheats. Our dragon city cheats make you legend in dragon city. Our dragon city hack guide and dragon city tool both are free at no cost for using it. You can generate millions of free dragon city gems with this hack. You can upgrade your dragon and habitats, food farms so you can grow more food for dragon city dragons and free gems give you extra advantages to improve your dragon city gameplay.

Using free unlimited dragon city gems you can buy all types of dragon city dragons without spending your own money. That’s why dragon city hack for gems is great it allows you to generate hundreds of thousands of free dragon city gems. Let’s dive into our dragon city guide where I will show you a way to cheat in dragon city.

How To Hack Dragon City

How to hack dragon city in 2020 and get unlimited dragon city gems?

Follow every step below to generate dragon city gems fast and easily for free.

  1. Click the dragon city generator button on this page.
  2. Enter your play store or you can use dragon city username.
  3. Now select your device Android Or IOS. Dragon city hack tool also works on PC.
  4. Select the amount of dragon city free gems you can choose up to dragon city 99999 gems and more.
  5. Select the amount of dragon city free gold. You can choose the maximum dragon city gold for free.
  6. Now the last easy part. Verification. Just click verify.
  7. TADA you will see free dragon city gems in your dragon city game.

Please watch the full video and follow steps just like the video to hack dragon city gems

Dragon City Hack Without Verification

How to hack dragon city gems 99999 no verification?

Now pay attention here. The last step of the dragon city hack is very easy. Lots of people generating free dragon city gems from our latest dragon city tool 2020. Sometime it will verify automatically but players around the world playing dragon city and they all want dragon city cheats and free gems.

So the tool will ask you to verify. It’s simple even your grandma can do it. Click on verify and install 2-3 apps to verify your dragon city account and device. Install apps and use them for 40 seconds.Dragon city tool also gives extra 100,000 gems bonus + dragon city free food to users who install all apps and use them for 1 min. It will get verified and restart dragon city. Boom you will see your unlimited free dragon city gems that only possible using happy cheats new dragon city hack.

You can use dragon city tools many times a day and it will generate you millions of free gems for dragon city. Now you know how to use our dragon city hack 2020 to get dragon city free gems.

Dragon City Guide

Watch Video Below For New Dragon City Breeding Guide

Get dragon city breeding guide formulas. Step by step walkthrough tutorial. From common dragon to heroic dragon breeding guide formulas. Breeding is the most important part of the dragon city game. There are many ways to breed dragons in dragon city using all type of different elements of dragons. Tons of dragon city breed variations available with dragon city calculator I will give you my best breeding formula.

Dragon City Hack Game

Dragon City has a total of 14 elements – Terra, Flame, Nature, Ice, Electric, Sea, Metal, Dark, war, legend, pure, light, wind, and primal. And 6 ancient elements beauty, chaos, happy, soul, dream, and magic. Ancient elements always do minimal damages to other dragons in battle. You can have 4 elements in each dragon it depends on which type of two dragons you choose to breed a new dragon.

Dragon City Hack Download Tutorial

Dragon City Breeding

Each element dragons have its own elements superpower against your enemy dragon in battle. The Specific type of element dragons has it’s own weakness elements. Many players ask which element dragon to choose and how to breed dragons in dragon city. Sometimes you are not able to breed two types of elements dragons together.

Having the same question in my mind I made a step by step guide to breed dragons properly breed strong power elements dragons in dragon city. Having a strong element dragon with the right dragon city breeding guide you can win every battle in dragon city. In some cases you can win free dragon city gems in battle and combat. Let me show you how to breed dragons.

Dragon City Dragons

Dragon city have 6 types of dragons in dragon city

  • Common Dragons
  • Rare Dragons
  • Very rare dragons
  • Epic dragons
  • Legendary dragons
  • Heroic dragons

Dragon city has a total of 3 generation dragons breeding. If you level up dragons by feeding them more food. Then new dragons will come out stronger and one generation up by every high level of dragons. Higher-level parents dragons will give you more best dragons inbreeding.

Dragon city Breeding Guide With Formulas

Follow the breeding guide formulas below to breed dragons in dragon city. We will use basic breeding elements to dragons with generation.

Nature Dragon, Pure Dragon, Terra Dragon, Sea Dragon, Electric Dragon, Flame Dragon, Ice Dragon, Metal Dragon, Dark Dragon, War Dragon, Light Dragons.

Generation 1 Breeding Guide

Element Dragon Terra

  • Terra + Light = Justice
  • Terra + Sea = Mud or Waterfall or Plankton
  • Terra + Ice = Alpine or Snow Flake

Dragon City Hack Download Tutorials

Element Dragon Sea

  • Sea + Dark = Pirate or Petroleum
  • Sea + Ice = Icecube
  • Sea + Light = Luminsicent

Generation 2 Breeding Guide

Triple Elements Dragons

  • Terra + Nature + ice = Diamond dragon
  • Flame + Terra + Nature = Angry Dragon
  • Dark + Terra + Sea = Poo Dragon
  • Dark + light + Justice = Fallen Angel

Generation 3 Breeding Guide

Multiples Elements Dragons

  • Flame + Dark + Matel = Deep Red
  • Dark + Terra + Pirate = Wizard
  • Flamr + Dark Fire + Dark = Burning
  • Hedgehod + Metal + Terra = Wizard

Now you know how to breed dragons in dragon city. Above all breeding guide, formulas are handpicked best formula for breeding. Follow the steps on the video to get the best visual idea about breeding dragons.

Dragon City Hacks

Always play around with the different types of element dragons and breed new dragons. We will provide you more guides around dragon city battle guide and dragon city elements guides.