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Fire the real war chronicles fe6 - why is path of radiance so rare? Download fire emblem awakening 3ds rom. Fire emblem awakening citra pc gameplay win10 720p. Ups archive Fire fallen king (gba) - hack download. Fire emblem - the sacred stones. Fire ghebfe (hack) screenshot Download fire emblem the sacred stones gba rom.

This section contains a variety of patches for various games of the series by various creators. These hacks can modify the gameplay, text, graphics, music,as well as many other aspects of the game. Click on the name of the game for more information about the hack.
This page is only for downloading and provides little information about the game itself.Click here to view hacks with additional available information or view the project's relevant site or thread.
Click on the name of the game to read information about it. The download link will usually link directly to a download, but said download may be outdated,so please always check the project's specific page for the latest information and downloads. Click on 'Patch Type' for informationabout the patch format the hack uses. Enjoy the games!
NOTES: Some hacks do not have their own pages for information; many 'downloads' link to the creator's own project discussion thread or website.If your hack is linked to here and you would like it to be removed, updated in any way, or have its own special page made for it, or a hack just needs updating and I haven't gotten a chance to yet, please let me know either through the contact form or at [email protected]
Also, the difficulty type 'Ragefest' refersto a hacking competition involving very difficult chapters designed to insight rage and frustration, often throughvarious gimmicks. The type of difficulty for this tends to be high yet unique. The # next to it refers to which competitionthe hack was submitted for.

Gameplay Hacks

NameGameVersionPatch TypeDifficultyCreatorDownload
Athos ModeFE7v0.1UPS--NintenlordDownload
Auto EmblemFE8FinalUPSUnchangedTeam JusticeDownload
Binary PatchFE4--IPSHardHabana♦887.bsRoNIDownload
ChinaFE: Will of Good and EvilFE8FinalIPSExtremeChinaFEDownload
Curse of the EmblemFE7------Felover3Download
Curse of the Emblem (Old)FE6------Felover3Download
Darion's ModeFE8FinalIPSVery HardDarionDownload
eCut FE: Project ChaosFE7----HardeCutDownload
Elibian NightsFE7--UPSMediumArchDownload
Encryption20's PatchFE8--IPS--encryption20Download
Eternal BondFE7------AgroDownload
FE1DS Sync PatchFE11FinalXDelta--ArchDownload
FE7ifFE703.23.12IPSEasy or HardJapanese HackersDownload
FE8-FE6 Hit Rate PatchFE8--IPS--VenusaurDownload
FETO's Last StandFE7FinalUPSRagefest 2Hithere1Download
Fire Emblem 4 - Graphics PatchesFE8--IPS--CeliceDownload
Fire Emblem 4 - Shin PatchFE4v1.8IPSHardDokuDownload
Fire Emblem 6: Sword of Seals - The Divine WarFE6 (J)--UPS--OnmiDownload
Fire Emblem 6 - Tier Balance PatchFE6 (J)FinalIPSEasyEzraDownload
Fire Emblem 7 - CrossoverFE8v1.4IPS--CrypticGirlDownload
Fire Emblem: A Sacred Dawn DXFE8------MageKnight404Download
Fire Emblem: Beta Test 1FE8v5UPS--licker234Download
Fire Emblem: Corrupt TheocracyFE7FinalUPSHardBlademasterDownload
Fire Emblem: Decay of the FangsFE7--UPSMediumMariobro3828Download
Fire Emblem: Devourer of TimeFE7FinalIPSNormalFlyingace24Download
Fire Emblem: ForeverFE72.1UPSMedium, HardKradDownload
Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi (Remake)FE7--UPS--SuperluigiDownload
Fire Emblem: GirlsFE8 (J)--IPS--FEBinaryDownload
Fire Emblem: Heart of SteelFE7--UPS--Fitz24Download
Fire Emblem: Leila EditionFE7--UPS--Leila>MatthewDownload
Fire Emblem: Monster QuestFE8--IPS--KahaneDownload
Fire Emblem: One-Day HackFE7FinalUPSMedium-HardBlazerDownload
Fire Emblem: Ostian PrincessFE71.2IPSMediumMig64Download
Prince of DurandFE7DiscontinuedIPSHardBlazerDownload
Fire Emblem: Prisoner of DarknessFE71.2 (Final)UPSRagefest 2BlazerDownload
Fire Emblem: RebirthFE11FinalMiscMediumBlazerDownload
Fire Emblem ReunionFE8--IPS--sushizDownload
Fire Emblem: Sacred ContentionFE7FinalUPS--Team JusticeDownload
Fire Emblem: Shining ArmorFE6FinalUPSEasyBlazerDownload
Fire Emblem: Sun God's ChallengeFE8--UPS--BlademasterDownload
Fire Emblem: The Road to RuinFE70.3UPS--PrimefusionDownload
Gorilla Gadek SGFE80.10UPSMediumMage GirlDownload
Hard ModeFE4--IPSHardCamus the Dark KnightDownload
MageKnight404's FE7 HackFE7--UPSMediumMageKnight404Download
Matthew's NightmareFE7FinalUPSRagefest 1CedarDownload
Morph's Last StandFE7FinalUPSRagefest 1Fitz24Download
Nintenlord's SagaFE7DiscontinuedUPSMediumNintenlordDownload
Project 76FE7------Project 76Download
Real War ChroniclesFE6FinalUPSVery HardJadeWyvernRiderDownload
Requiem of WarFE71.0UPSHardDH_NinjaDownload
Shadow Dragon: Evil VersionFE11--XDeltaMediumBlazerDownload
Super Thracia 776FE5--IPSUnknownLIN◆LIN/XxX/gwDownload
Tales of BraveryFE7DemoUPSMediumBlazerDownload
Tales of the EmblemFE8--UPSMediumCrypticGirlDownload
The Corruption of RoyFE7--UPSRagefest 3Markyjoe1990Download
The Last PromiseFE71.3UPSMedium-HardBlazerDownload
Very EasyFE2FinalIPSEasyVincentASMDownload
Zombie ApocalypseFE7--UPS--TheEmblemBrigadeDownload

Miscellaneous & Technical Hacks

NameGameVersionPatch TypeDifficultyCreatorDownload
FE6 All-Instrument HackFE6BetaUPS--BlazerDownload
FE7 All-Instrument HackFE7BetaUPS--BlazerDownload
FE7 All-Instrument Hack (Repointed)FE7CompleteUPS--Shadow of ChaosDownload
FE8 All-Instrument HackFE8CompleteUPS--Shadow of ChaosDownload
Shadow Dragon Portrait HackFE11FinalXDelta--BlazerDownload
Sound Fix PatchFE7FinalIPS--Prince MarphDownload
Tutorial Killer HackFE72.01UPS--BlazerDownload
Tutorial Slayer (Arch's)FE7--UPS--ArchDownload
Weapon & Spell Animation Fix (Xeld's)FE7--IPS--Xeld/HextatorDownload
Weapon & Spell Animation Fix (FE8) (Xeld's)FE8--IPS--Xeld/HextatorDownload

What are ROMs?

ROMs, Rom Games and Emulators, does it sounds unfamiliar for you? Video game ROMs are nothing else but a software which is installed on a videogame cartridge, however these days there are hundred thousand of roms available for download on the Internet. At the beginning people, who had advanced knowledges in IT field started to extract ROMs from cartridges and upload them to the Internet.

ROMs GAMES or ROM which stands for (Read-Only-Memory), it is NVM or (Nonvolatile Memory) which we mainly use in many devices such as computers, mobile phones, consoles and other. Most of the times it is impossible to modify the data of ROM without having advanced knowledges in the IT field. The main use of ROM is to store firmware, now you may be wondering “and what is firmware?” Let me answer you - firmware is kind of software that closely related to a specific hardware and needs updates frequently, that was the firmware short explanation now back to ROM again, as I said that the main use of it is to store firmware or application software in something called plug-in cartridges.

Read only memory refers to hard wired memory. Like diode matrix and mask ROM or “MROM”, which means that we cannot change it after being produced.

Lately, ROM has been updated to enclose read-only memory in normal operation, but we can reprogram it other way.

Erasable programmable read-only memory or we can call it (EPROM) and electrically erasable programmable read-only memory or we can also call it (EEPROM), maybe it is a bit understandable by its name which we can erase and reprogram it again. But this usually takes a lot of time and need special gear or hardware to establish and for few times only.

ROM reading speed of course is much different than RAM speed this is why we do copy ROM content to RAM before the first use, later we read from RAM.

ROM writing speed: for ROMs electrically modified, writing speed is always way slower than reading speed, sometimes need high voltage.

I think that I gave you a comprehensive and good idea about what is ROM, now back to our first question: what are Games Roms?

Well to answer that, you need to know what is ROM image or ROM file. Simply, it is one of computer file containing a copy of certain data from a read-only chip, usually from a video game cartridge. Main board of arcade games or computer’s firmware. We use this term more often related to emulators. Where we get the old games or computer’s firmware and copy it to ROM files on recent computers then with the help of a software that we call it “EMULATOR” we will be able to run this ROM GAME on a computer “PC”. On our website you can find any emulator for any popular console: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, GameBoy Advance, GameCube, Sega, PlayStation, PS2, PSP, Xbox.

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Fe6 Rom Hack Real War Chronicles Download

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