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  • DOWNLOAD - 6/60 - Legion (32 Bit) Ferib's Dot Map What Does Ferib's Dot Map do? Ferib's Dot Map is a tool that allows you to see all playe.
  • The problem is even pixel based Fishing Bots are probably not undetectable anymore due to changes made in 7.3 in the ToS and Warden. I have been using my own Fishing Bot for a while, sometimes i even fish 10 hours a day. I make use of Memory Reading, sending keystrokes & Mouse movement/clicking. So far i got reported a few times, people even.
  • Start PandaWoW / Pandashan (32bit) 3. Start the hack 4. Profit 6.2.3 Version here! (Working for new servers) Works just the same! But now working for 6.2.3 ^^ Need help to setup the hotkeys? 'dkKey.ini' will be createn when you open the programme. You can edit the.ini file to change the hotkeys or the procces.

Credits 'Ferib'

Feribs Pumpkin Tool V7.2.5.1.exe's description is ' Hack tool for World of Warcraft ' according to the Feribs Pumpkin Tool V7.2.5.1.exe version information. Feribs Pumpkin Tool V7.2.5.1.exe is usually located in the 'c:downloads' folder. Some of the anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal detected Feribs Pumpkin Tool V7.2.5.1.exe.

• Drop teleport
- Teleport you a down, used to combinate.
• Toy Box• GPS
- A little tooltip in the uper left corner shows your XYZ coords.
• Up teleport - Teleporting up, used in a video, not that usefull.
Lets take a quick look to this video if you are interested.
How to use?
to 32bit.
Enter world and use the buttons.
1. start my tool (Or updater to get newest version).
2. start
3. Enter world, press drop 0.6, drop 1, drop 1.5
4. Profit!

swap blaster (in-game item)
- Ferib's Pumpkin Tool.
- a group or raid.
1. Press drop 1.5(fdrop 1 for gnomes).
2. Target your party member.
3. Use your
swap blaster

Ferb Hack Download Windows 10

- A low level char (lower then the toy you want to use).
- A toy with a requirs level.
1. Open Ferib's Pumpkin Tool.
2. Use a toy.
3. Press quickly escape after you used the toy.
But you can also use the 'toyspam' option in the tool.

- darkmoon faire event.
- The right time (3:00 6:00 9:00 12:00).
- Ferib's Pumpkin Tool.

Instructions: Updated 13/2/2016 After Hotfix
- go to the middle of darkmoon fair arena.
- hit the button 'drop 0.6' and rotate to left or right.
- hit the button 'drop 0.6' again and rotate to left or right.
- hit buton 'drop 1.5' twice and rotate to left or right.
- jump up and you are in the arena.

don't try this with a gnome, they are to short and havent tested for them yet

spamming toys
- A low level char (lower then the toy you want to use).
- A toy with a requirs level.
- Game mouse (If you dont have it, you can't rly spam).
1. Open Ferib's Pumpkin Tool.
2. Use a toy.
3. Press quickly escape after you used the toy.
4. Repeat the steps! (Wait 200ms before using a toy again)
Here you can use the 'toyspammer' option in the tool

Q. Why does the toys not reset?
A. Make sure you'r level is lower then the requirs level of the toy.
Q. After spamming toys 2 or 3 times it have a cooldown?
A. Add a sleep timer after you pressed escape (200 - 350ms, depends on the lagg you get)
(Or use the tool option, but this can have lagg to)
Q. I get dmg when i swap a player?
A. Check if the party member has
neural silencer
Q. I d/c when i pres 'drop 0.6,'drop 1' or 'drop 1.5'?
A. Make sure you stand on an object, you d/c when you hit a terrain
Q. When i try to swap, it give Line of sight error, even when im in range and that?
A. Remove all shrink effects, sadly, gnomes need 'drop 1' cuz 'drop 1.5' goes to deep
Q. I get an error when launching the tool.
A. idk the answair, My skype is
Bug Report
*High level toys are toys that have a requirs level, Can only be done when you are lower level!
(After a few changes i had 2 splitten threads here, so this is the compleet one, the spliten ones can be deleten.)

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Ferib Hack Download

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Ferb Hack Download Windows

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