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If you’re not looking for details, click here to receive free Instagram followers (no survey). Just create an account without waiting and get your followers.

  1. Instagram Followers Hack No Verification

The struggle to find real followers on Instagram is for brands and casual users alike! The era of fake followers is long gone. It doesn’t matter if you have an Instagram account and want to hear the pleasant sound of cha-ching, or if you are an ambitious Instagram user and want to put your name on the list of influencers. Fake Instagram followers are always numbers that do nothing for you even if you are looking for free Instagram followers no survey.

So everyone is looking to become famous on Instagram. Followers are a common goal, and that makes it harder to achieve. Of course, many of the services out there promise you a great deal that will never happen again. However, a good portion of them seems insecure to use.

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Why does Instagram require you to verify your identity?

Sep 07, 2018 To find them out try “My Ghost Followers” app. The unique analytics tool will monitor actions of your followers to find out, who never likes and comments your Instagram. Get more real followers, and not the lurkers! Features: - Unique analytics tool to find followers who do not like and comment your Instagram.

Some popular third-party Instagram apps use growth engines, and Instagram detects them as bots. Therefore, by entering your verification code, you confirm that fraudsters are not using your account. We can’t say that verifying your identity on Instagram is always unsafe, but we all know that Instagram may ban it.

Gain Free Instagram Followers (no survey)

It’s easy to use AiGrow to gain Instagram followers without confirmation. It all starts with registering on the website. After registration, it’s time to personalize your target audience. You can do this by specifying the hashtag, location, and big names on your shelf.
Next, you need to create a strategy that follows, like commenting and sending direct messages to your target audience. However, don’t forget to post your daily restrictions on Instagram; otherwise, you may run into problems. With the right strategy, you will get 1000 followers in less than a week. How is it that for the best free Instagram followers, they are hacked without poll or download?

Gain 100 free followers in your first week

If you’re one who likes to sit and watch your account grow, you can try AiGrow’s free Growth Service trial. When using this service, all you have to do is talk to an expert about the identity of your page, who your target audience is, and how many followers you are looking for. From there, the AiGrow team of experts will start working on your page. You will get 100 free followers upon signing up for AiGrow’s weekly growth and follower trial.

Additionally, by signing up for your AiGrow account you can unlock:
An automatic DM tool
DM to Email Connection
PODs for Engagement
Coupon Giveaway Generator
a Call Me button
Besides, you gain free access to a unique Instagram scheduler, a visual content idea calendar, and a customized bio URL. Subscribe now and start a personal journey to manage your Instagram.

Steer Clear of Unsafe Apps

Instagram is against using third party apps for getting followers, likes, and profile visits. Some of these programs act as a bot that detects your account’s Instagram algorithm as a spam maker. When that happens, you’re likely to be banned and lose everything you’ve created on Instagram. Therefore, we recommend services and programs that have already been tested and demonstrated their strength.

So with all this in mind, you need a free Instagram follower hack that has no surveys, no loading, and no human verification for the growth of your Instagram account. Let’s see:

Is it possible to get thousands of free followers?

There’s a saying that goes, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” When targeting Instagram growth, you’re likely to come across “very good for accuracy.” Several websites are offered by the followers’ army in just a few days, hours or even minutes. However, in almost all cases, one of the following is the real case.
They attract you by claiming that their surveys or uploads are valid. The best-case scenario here is that entering a survey or loading your app will pay you. The worst-case scenario is that they gain access to your personal information.
You will see a significant result, but they are far from being real followers. Most of the profiles that follow you in this scenario are fake and if they are real they have no genuine interest in your page. This is what we call inorganic growth. If you want a long-term plan to work, you always have to do the opposite: organic growth.

What is organic growth, and why is it important?

As the name implies, organic growth emphasizes real growth for your followers. Organic growth occurs over time through hard work. Organic growth depends on smart strategy, content, subtitles, hashtags, followers, and even what you like and dislike. Sure, it may take a little longer than the spam, but the followers you get through organic growth are there to stay. Your followers are achieved through organic growth, being purposeful and carefully selected. For that growth, you need to go to an Instagram account manager like AiGrow to help you achieve that kind of growth. If you don’t follow Instagram followers’ guidelines, your page can be blocked, temporarily blocked, or completely deleted. Fortunately, getting free Instagram followers no survey with this method is safe.

ProjectInsta is the number one place to get top quality Instagram followers completely free of charge. We let you choose anything up to 80 THOUSAND followers delivered to your account instantly or drip-fed over a few days/weeks, this service is 100% safe to use and will NEVER put your account at risk. All our followers have a full profile and they are hooked up to our server, this means you won’t only be getting tons of followers but a ton of likes too! It’s so easy that anyone can do it, to get started simply press the button below and start by entering your Instagram username.

Completely Safe!

You have absolutely nothing to worry about when using the Instagram service at ProjectInsta. We deliver each follower using a 256bit encrypted private proxy and have been doing it this way for years.

Quality Followers!

We like to make our service the best and that’s why we have the best quality followers you can imagine. Each follower we send will have a profile picture, BIO and Instagram posts. This makes the account look natural to you and all your followers.

Quality Likes

So you have all of these new followers but your pictures are still not gaining likes? Not with ProjectInsta, all the accounts are hooked up to our server which means your pictures will also be getting a TON of likes!

Super Fast Or Slow

ProjectInsta allows you to choose two options when claiming all your followers for Instagram. You can either have them all sent at once, or you could have them slowly sent over a few days/weeks which looks more natural.

80k Before And After

An anonymous user used our service and claimed 80 thousand followers, we drip-fed the followers slowly over 20 days to make things look natural.

20k Before And After

Laura was a returning customer and decided to go with the 20 thousand package, she wanted all the followers sent instantly so thats what we done.

Instagram Followers Hack No Verification


In order to claim your free Instagram followers, there are a few steps to follow. We know how eager you are so we’re going to keep it short and sweet. Start by typing in your Instagram username in the text area below, there is no need to include the @ tag as we have already done this for you.


After you have typed in your Instagram username, hit the enter button on your keyboard. Our servers will then search for your profile and display it, click on YOUR profile to proceed to the next step which is selecting how many free Instagram followers you want!


After selecting how many followers you want, you can then choose how fast you want us to deliver them. (drip-feeding) You will then be presented with a loading screen while our servers find the best followers for your account. Some users may be asked to complete a survey, for more information on that click here

Hold tight, getting your followers ready. Estimated wait time is: 14 seconds

Trademark Notice

This page describes an opportunity to be gifted followers provided through advertisements. The word “Instagram” is a registered trademark of Facebook. In this case these trademarks are used fairly, to adequately describe a free following service, branded item preserved on a legit platform. This offer is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram

What can we do?

Instagram is by far one of the biggest social media websites which is growing on a day to day basis, it reaches millions of hits a day and in order to get noticed you need followers, I’m not talking about a few hundred followers I’m talking thousands! Getting followers naturally can be a long tedious process and no matter how hard you try you may need an extra boost. ProjectInsta can help you get noticed by rising your Instagram follower count by 80K. Once you build up a nice follower base they will just keep rolling in!

We’ve made it easy!

When it comes to getting followers for Instagram ProjectInsta have made it easy, it really is as easy as entering your username then selecting how many people you want to follow you. We wanted to be the best site out there so we decided to compare our site with others, however, a simple google search confirmed that we are in fact the only site that gives away free followers on Instagram! We found a few other websites which promise the same service as we do however, we tried and tested them all only to find out they are all fake.

Could this get my account banned?
We have made safety our number one priority, our system has gone through rigorous tests to ensure that it is 100% safe before releasing it to the public. We can guarantee that your Instagram account will remain safe and will not get banned while using our service. ProjectInsta have been sending followers for a few years now and we haven’t had a single account banned.

Why is it asking me to complete a survey?
A survey is often referred to as a human test, these are put in place to stop bots hence the name “human test”. You are sometimes required to complete one of thee tests before we send your free Instagram followers. Please note that a test is not always required but if you are asked to complete one you must do so. We have made a whole page on this question so you can read more about it here.

Will I also receive likes as well as followers?
Don’t you think it would be a little bit suspicious if you had a ton of followers and hardly any likes? That’s why we come up with a solution which makes everything look natural. All of our followers are hooked up to dedicated servers which are running Instagram scripts, this means some of your followers will also like your pictures.

Why are you giving away free followers?
A few years ago we had our own business where we sold Instagram followers, we shut the business down as there was too much competition but was left with thousands of Instagram accounts. That’s where ProjectInsta was created! what better than to give away the Instagram followers for free!

I have more questions!
If you have any more questions then not to worry, we have a friendly support team which is ready to answer anything you throw at them, just head over to our contact page and fill out the form provided. We will aim to respond within 24 hours but sometimes we can take longer so please be patient.

Ig followers hack download

A few more ways you can get free Instagram followers

Having us just send you a bunch of Instagram followers is not the only way we can help, some people like to earn there own followers as they feel like they have worked for something. We think it’s much easier just to enter your username and get 80k for free but each to there own. Below we will list a few ways on how to get followers on Instagram how to get followers on Instagramnaturally

01 - Read Our Blog

Sometimes gaining followers naturally can give you that feel good sensation so that’s why we have created a whole blog to help. By reading our blog we can help you gain hundreds if not thousands of followers within the first week, It’s a whole load of hard work but we promise it’ll pay off! You can visit the blog by clicking here. We have many useful posts but our most popular and valuable post is the Top 10 tips to gain MORE Instagram Followers. We plan to post fresh content every week so be sure to come back!

02 - Only Upload Quality Photos

When it comes to gaining followers naturally you need to have good quality photos to draw people into your profile, Instagram has a very good selection of editing tools and filters to make your pictures look visually stunning. Don’t forget Instagram also lets you manually edit the photos for an even better look, you can change the contrast or brightness, add saturation or warmth, change the structure of the picture, but don’t forget my favorite feature the tilt shift which can make all the difference when editing your photos.

03 - Use #Hashtags

When you upload a photo to Instagram with hashtags it will open up your post for millions of people to see, when it comes to using hashtags we cannot stress about how important they are to gain mass followers. When using hash tags there is normally 3 main rules you need to remember. 1 – Remember to only use revenant hashtags for example, if you post a picture of your pet dog be sure to include #dog as a tag. 2 – Do not use more than 5 tags in one picture as it can look spammy. 3 – Be sure to use unique hashtags otherwise your pictures may go unnoticed.

Post High-Quality Images

The first step to maintaining your Instagram free followers is to make sure that you always post high-quality images. As we all know, Instagram is all about the visuals. This really goes for almost any social media across the board. You always want to make sure that your images are high quality and not grainy. Since Instagram is mostly an image-based social media, you’ll want to make sure that your focus is to get your images at the highest quality they can be. When you post these high-quality images, people will see and appreciate the work that you’ve put in to get your feed to look amazing.

Create a Community

People like to feel like they are a part of something. You can accomplish this by creating a community of sorts on your Instagram. Having an adequately managed group of followers on Instagram will allow you to build a loyal tribe of followers. Having loyal followers will come in handy a lot more than you think. They will be more than willing to help you out when you need it the most. Having an effective style community should also result in a more engaged account. This is because it would be encouraged to share and tag others within the community.

Run Contests

Who doesn’t love a good contest to win awesome prizes? Having and running contests on your page is one of the proven ways to not only keep your existing followers but to gain many new ones as well. If you’re able to run your contest effectively and everything goes smoothly, you’ll likely generate a ton of engagement. A lot of that engagement can potentially convert to more followers and you increase the likelihood that your current followers will stay for more awesome contests. You can ask people to follow you in order for them to be entered into the contest. If you want to take it a step further, you could ask them to use a particular hashtag.

Be Aware

Make sure that you are paying attention to the type of content your followers like. It’s not enough just to post high-quality images. You want to make sure that you’re posting things that you’re followers actually want to see. With this, it helps to know your target demographic. If you have that in mind, then you need to start figuring out what sort of content resonates with them. Do your followers prefer video posts or just images? No two audiences will be exactly the same. What works for one audience, may not work for another.

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