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Geometry Dash Exploit. Version: 1.2.6 7 months ago. Read the rules down first buddy. Download (16 MB) This is a working exploit! That helps you a lot in geometry dash like hacking! This hacking is not that kind of hacking that you will get banned for. Read the rules of how to use the exploit! #hack #exploit #retro #other.

Geometry Dash Mod Apk is the modded version of Geometry dash game that comprises numerous RobTop games. It has 20 levels altogether where at every stage the unique background music is being run. It is a running game where the player is to run a level up.

Each level has a new challenge for the player that becomes exciting with the background music. This action platform requires the players to jump and fly through the danger and get themselves ready for the impossible challenges in geometry dash world.

Playing geometry dash for 15 minutes would be something that can help you relax and receive rewards in free time. As per the storyline of the game, the effective controls of the game helps the player in mastering the game.

Features / Gameplay of Geometry Dash

Geometry dash mod apk has been referred to as one of the simple but addictive games. It demands the player to play with jump and flight mechanics. Hence, guiding the character that is you to tap finger and go through the obstacles.

  • Gameplay- The gameplay of geometry dash combines two gameplays, i.e. the flappy bird and Mario together. This makes it one of the interesting games for the android devices where all that the player is to do is jump and fly the difficulties that come across.
  • Features-The exclusive features of this game make it further interesting for the players.
  • Exclusive sound and graphics- The game is considered as friendly for the players due to it being easily accessible to every age group in their android devices. It shows up the art style from the graphics that comprise the colorful rectangular shapes.
    The game carries simple and lighter graphic that does not make it heavy on the devices. In addition, the game further includes the soundtrack similar to the levels that enhance the fun for the player within the game.
  • Sharing progress with friends- The game can be played with friends once logged in from the social network. The global ranking system lets the player see where he/she stand in comparison to his friend worldwide.
  • Valuable rewards- The game adds motivation for the players in terms of valuable rewards that are being offered at several stages.
    For the rewards, it is essential to fulfilling the achievements and the challenges that come over from time to time. The ultimate reward for the player is the next ride that is to be followed up to complete the maximum stages in the minimum time.
  • Bringing Improvement in skills- The famous quote “practice makes a man perfect” cannot be denied. If you as a player is a beginner, you would definitely require a lot of time to master. But if you are one of those regular players, going through the practice mode is the only thing that can help maintain your skills.
    The developer of the geometry dash has added the practice mode feature that assists the player in practicing the useful tricks and win every stage.
  • Character customization free of cost- The fun in the game is further added via the addition of customization feature added. Players are free to customize their characters that include changing the costumes, letting them go into different gears and alter the style of working.
    In addition, it also features changing the color of the character which matches the theme of the level. The addition of icons makes the character easily recognizable.
  • Addition of creativity- The game also features creative stuff so if you are one of the creativity lovers, it is high time that this game will offer you the chance to gain pleasure-seeking experience. Hence, the player this way has the right to create their own level in their own way.
  • Difficulty and funkiness together- The game has 2 distinctive levels that are starting from the easy and reaching the level up with raising difficulties.
    As soon as the level goes up, the player is to move with the hip hop beat. Thereby, enhancing the fun with rising difficulties. The unique and exciting gameplay is something that enhances the funky experience gained from the game.

Highlight the Mod APK

This running game for the game lovers starting from the basics move the level up with the achievements within the game. As soon as the player crosses the level up, a new difficulty level appears with more beautiful graphics and traumatizing sound effects.

Geometry Dash Subzero

Besides getting step by step onto every level, the developer has also made available the paid version of the game as per which the player can freely unlock stages earlier.

Details of Geometry Dash Mod Apk

Geometry Dash Download Hacked Version

Name of the applicationGeometry Dash Mod Apk
Developer NameRobTop Games
Android Version4.0 +
APK Version2.111
Size of the app74.9 MB
Category Arcade

Gameplay Screen



Geometry dash hack version is a user-friendly android gaming app that helps the person in achieving a flexible and amazing gaming experience. It basically comprises a journey for the player who has to jump and fly in order to achieve the ultimate goal and win valuable rewards. Download it now to gain an endless gaming experience!

Geometry Dash Download Hacked Version Free

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