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Android Auto YouTube hack is a common query from Android Auto users as Google has not introduced YouTube for Android Auto due to the fact being people tend to lose their focus while driving. Yet there are situations that the drivers can get entertained just with the audio part while the others can enjoy videos on YouTube. Let’s see 100% working safe methods which do not require root access to enjoy YouTube on Android Auto.

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Requirements for enjoying YouTube on Android Auto.

For enjoying YouTube Android Auto, You should have the following requirements basically.

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  • An Android Auto compatible car / or a head unit.
  • An Android phone compatible with Android Auto
  • You should be in an Android Auto supported location.

If you could not fulfill the above requirements, still do not worry, you can still enjoy YouTube on Android Auto with InCar app. Also, if you have CarPlay instead of Android Auto you can follow the CarPlay YouTube hack.

But if you have fulfilled all the above requirements, then here are the methods to enjoy YouTube on Android Auto.

Android Auto YouTube hacks

1. Using CarStream

CarStream (Previously named as YouTube Auto) which is developed by Kiran Kumar is the best solution to enjoy youTube videos on Android Auto. It allows you to play YouTube videos on Android Auto with translation additions including Chinese and Italian. In order to use this Car Streaming you need to make sure that you have downloaded both Android Auto app and Car Stream.

Follow the following steps to download and set up CarStream.

Note: These steps may slightly vary depending on your Android version and the phone model.

How to set up CarStream (YouTube Auto) - for Android 8 and Upper

  1. Download and Install Android Auto app if you have not installed it already. If you are unable to find the APK in Google Play Store, or if it does not support your location you can download it from apkmirror.com .

2. Download and Install the CarStream application.

3. Launch the installed Android Auto app on your Android home screen

4. Click on the hamburger menu at the top left corner

5. Click on the “Settings” .

6. Scroll down to the section “About” and tap on the “Version” so that the version information will appear.

7. Tap several times on the version information so that a pop up will appear asking whether to enable developer mode. Click ok and enable it. This is necessary for CarStream to work.

8. Click on the menu located on the top right corner and tap on “Developer Settings”

9. Tick on the “Unknown resources” checkbox.

10. Click on the “Video Resolution” option on the same view. (Developer settings)

11. Then select an option as you prefer.

12. Now launch Car Stream App

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13. There you go! Now you can enjoy YouTube on Android Auto.

How to set up CarStream (YouTube Auto) - for Android 7 and lower

  1. Launch the installed Android Auto app on your Android home screen

2. Click on the hamburger menu at the top left corner

3. Tap on “About Android Auto”

4. Tap again on the “About Android Auto” multiple times on the opened window

5. Click on the menu located on the top right corner and tap on “Developer Settings”

6. Check the “Unknown Resources” box, Video 720p and 1080p.

7. Now launch Car Stream App

8. There you have… Enjoy YouTube on Android Auto

2. Enjoy YouTube on Android Auto Using InCar

If you do not have Android Auto, and still want to enjoy YouTube while driving, then InCar App is the best solution for you. It is an Android Auto simulator which gives the same experience on Android Phone. It contains a set of apps including apps which are not available on Android Auto by default. Eg: YouTube, Facebook, Messenger, Browsers, Waze, Video Players etc.

What you simply have to do is download InCar from Google Play Store. Read more on how to use InCar App.

Possibilities of using Android Auto YouTube

We know that watching any video while driving puts you in risk. Because it distracts and keeps you out of focus on the road even if it comes via CarPlay. But a tactful mind could use YouTube in a safe and effective way while bringing entertainment into the car.

Let’s say there was an inspiring speech or a story you would like to hear most of the time on YouTube Or a stand up comedy programme that your family enjoys together. Or at least imagine how many times that perhaps your kids might have been sitting in the back of the car lonely without having anything to enjoy. Under such a circumstance, wouldn’t you think that YouTube on your car’s system is an ideal option?


If you already use Android Auto, then you can go ahead with CarStream and if Android Auto is not available for you at the moment , you can enjoy YouTube on Android phone or tab using InCar App.
However, I must emphasize that please keep your focus on the road while driving as safety should come first than entertainment.

Safe driving !!!