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  1. Hay Day Hack Version App Download
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Choose your device and enter amount of Coins and Diamonds that you want to generate. Choose trainer options that you want to use. Press 'Start Hack' and wait until progress is done. Download new version if available! When the generating is done, wait few seconds and open your Hay Day game.

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Have you tried to farm, grow plants, and raise animals before? How about trading goods in your friends and neighbour? Well, Hay Day Mod Apk will help you to have a farming experience that you shouldn’t miss. This game will make you realize that shooting, logical, and pattern games are not the only games in your Play Store.

The excellent team of Supercell had developed and published the game Hay Day. The iOS version of this game was released on the 21st of June, 2012, while its Android version was released on the 20th of November, 2013. This game was a total blast, and in fact, it earned a total of $30 million just after a month of its release.

Hay Day Mod Apk ranked one in 122 countries across the world. This game had reached millions of players and provided them with a unique and realistic gaming experience.

Now, let us discover the features, gameplay, and other else which makes Hay Day unique among others.

Features of Hay Day Game

Hay Day has quality graphics, which helps the readers to have exceptional gaming. This game uses engaging backgrounds and characters, which makes it easy and effective to play.


Hay Day provides a lot of characters to choose with. Some of the most favourite characters are Alfred, Maggie, Ernest, Angus, Greg, Rose, and Tom. These characters can be customized like their clothes, actions, and so many more.


Hay Day provides gamers with varying events for them to gain more coins and bonuses. The event board of this game serves as the notice board for the events. Events can occur every day with challenges to surpass and to get the rewards.

Hay Day Mod Apk Details

Hay Day had released a lot of its previous version, which aims to satisfy the needs of their gamers. Now, Hay Day had released its latest version which is the 138185 and has a file size of 106.77 MB. This game is free to download in the Google Play Store. It has a lot of new offers such as bonuses, coins to win, and more. If you haven’t downloaded this game yet, better do it now to experience its exceptional gaming.

Name of the applicationHay Day Mod APK
Developer NameSuperCell
Android Version4.3+
APK Version1.44.111
Size of the app112 MB

Points and Rewards

Points and rewards on this game can be gained by:

  1. Trading goods with neighbours and visitors
  2. Reviving the bushes and trees
  3. Harvesting of crops or animal goods
  4. Filling the boat and trucks with products to the visitors
  5. Building items through craft materials

The Gameplay

This game is all about living on a farm or barn. The player needs to farm and grow plants. Animals such as goat and sheep are also provided, and the player needs to take good care of them. Growing all of these is not simple, problems such as drying of plants and animals getting sick must be surpassed successfully.

During the harvest time, the products can be traded to friends, neighbors, and other players. Coins and bonuses can be gained through harvesting, planting, trading, and more. Each level must be surpassed by the player to continue to the next one.

Game Play Screen


Hay day is one of the best farm games, with the mod version you can access to unlimited money, seeds and coins to enjoy this game a lot more better. So what are you waiting for? Start downloading this amazing game and build your own farm.

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Hay Day Hack Version App Download

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Hay Day Hack Download Apk

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Hay Day Hack Version App Download Windows 10

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