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  1. Hc Takedown Hack Apk Download
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Bloons td 6 mod apk is a cute tower defense game where you defeat monsters to protect the fortress. Improve your tactics and fighting skills and do not allow your enemies to attack in any case. Therefore, keep your skills upgraded to take down nasty Bloons and protect the monkey land.


Bloons are trying to invade the land, your task is to gather a monkey’s force and protect your tower. Hence, place your soldiers strategically to shoot and continuously coming balloons. Remember, do not let them on the ground, the more they land, your base gets weaker.

And the good news? Try to destroy as many bubbles as you can to earn points. As a result, you can use these points to upgrade your squad’s power. Also, recruit more monkey machines to grow your armory, encounter different challenges and earn valuable prizes.

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Bloons Td 6 Mod Apk Key Features:

The game is available on PlayStore that is freemium version and gamers need to purchase to have full access. It is quite costly, therefore, we have offered you a hacked apk with mods. Read below the unlocked feature of this version;

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Heroes Unlocked
  • Unlimited Monkeys
  • Unlimited Power
  • No Ads

Hence, fighting the bloons is going to be an exciting challenge in bloons tower defense 6. Take advantage of unlimited money to upgrade the power of your monkeys. However, I do not recommend using these powers throughout the game, since it will kill the thrill. Therefore, only use them when needed to keep you excited about the gameplay.

Amazing Features of Bloons Td 6:

Hc Takedown Hack Apk Download

  • Various Towers –In this game, there are about 21 towers that you need to defend. Each tower has five upgrades and 3 upgrade paths that you can choose from. Therefore, choose the right upgrading strategy to obtain the supreme defense
  • Monkeys – Your force consists of monkeys. They have different duties such as engineer, chemist and Druid. Also, there are nine hero monkeys and you can use one at a time. Each hero monkey has twenty upgrades, and you can also customize them with new skins.
  • Unique Locations –The developers of Bloons td 6 have added more than 20 unique locations including 3D maps. These vibrant and fine maps are quite exciting to play on. Furthermore, some of the elements block vision in 3D maps. As a result, the difficultly level increases and it is more fun to stay engaged with the game.

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Hovercraft Takedown Mod Apk Download


Hc Takedown Hack Apk Download Windows 10

Strategic games have been very popular among gamers these days. So, if you are a fan of tower defense games, download the Bloons td 6 mod apk and enjoy defending the tower with monkeys.