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This is an HD Texture Pack that uses Dolphin Emulator's custom texture loading feature.

It's simple, just post your work on this thread. Obviously, we are looking for hd textures which are not done yet, and try to be close to the original ones. And this one contains all the changes to the project during the years. 4.0.2 : (Show Spoiler) - Star Fox series emblem not showed in battles. Melee HD is considered a pipe dream, but it can definitely be a reality by utilizing Dolphin's internal upscaling + texture replacement with community made textures. If anyone is interested in helping to progress this project further, please let us know. With the greatest pleasure, I present to you years worth of the team's efforts! 'Sonic Riders Tournament Edition 1.2' & 'Sonic Riders HD Texture Pack 1.0' is. Jan 27, 2018 To avoid installation of keyboard hack, delete Layout from your Luma Folder. Spoiler: Information, what was changed. So far, this pack updates the textures for grass, snow, fake bushes, railroads, snowflakes, moon, stars, fence, and Tracks. The snow, moon, and stars have not been released yet. Their release date is currently unknown.

This Texture Pack up-scales nearly all of the default textures from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc for the Nintendo GameCube with the official HD textures from the Sony PlayStation 3 version of Rayman 3 HD. (I've also used some of the PC version's textures as well.)
*Over 1350+ HD Textures that come straight from Rayman 3 HD.
*Full NTSC-U and PAL Support. This Texture Pack works on both the American and European versions of Rayman 3.
*Alternate HD Textures. (Textures that are either used differently or never used in the game at all.)
*Custom controller configuration profiles that are recommended to be used with the following:
*Selectable Controller HUDs. You can choose to use different HUDs for 3 different types of controllers.
These Include:
-HD GameCube Controller HUD
-Xbox 360 Controller HUDHack
-PS3 Controller HUD
The Fairy Council:
Clearleaf Forest:
The Bog of Murk:
The Land of the Livid Dead:
Desert of the Knaaren:
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/135bqcpoytsj ... n4Cea?dl=0
1. After you've downloaded all the .zip files, copy all of them, but don't extract them.
2. If you have never used Dolphin Emulator, open it first and configure it. (It will create files when you use it for the first time.)
3. Then, on Dolphin Emulator, click the 'Tools' tab and select 'Resource Pack Manager'.
4. Once there, click on 'Open Directory...'. It will open up a directory on File Explorer.
5. Paste all of the .zip files in that directory and then click on 'Refresh'.
6. The packs should now show up, install the main texture pack and whichever controller HUD you want to use.
7. Then, on Dolphin Emulator, click on the 'Graphics' icon. This will open up the Graphics configuration window.
8. Click on the Advanced tab. Under the Utility section, check-mark the 'Load Custom Textures' and 'Prefetch Custom Textures' boxes.
9. It is also recommended to play with custom controller profiles made so the HUD textures match with what buttons are supposed to be pressed. Please refer to the 'Read Me' file in the 'Recommended Controls' folder.
10. Now you are ready to play Rayman 3 with HD Textures!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Is there a PC version of this texture pack?
Yes! I have now made a PC mod that remakes this texture pack to enhance the PC version's textures with the PS3 version's textures, you may download it from this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2P ... NhGc9y/pub
Can't you just inject these HD textures into Rayman 3's files, instead of having to load them through an emulator?
No. Why?
The GameCube's hardware isn't powerful enough to process HD textures and will just end up instantly crashing the console or emulator.
Are you going to post this on the Dolphin forums?
I've already tried posting this there, but it wasn't accepted. They will not allow these kinds of Texture Packs there because it contains copyrighted assets from another version of a game. Emulation sites are very sensitive when it comes to distributing copyrighted content, and although this isn't technically piracy, it does contain assets from a version of a game that was not meant to be used on another version.
If you want to see this for yourself here are a few examples of them rejecting these kinds of Texture Packs:
https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-r ... exture-mod

Hd Texture Hack Sa2b Download For Windows

https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-r ... xture-pack
What Programs did you use to make this?
Dolphin Emulator
Adobe Photoshop