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Not only is the X360USB PRO able to communicate with DVD Drives by utilizing built in PortIO and WinAPI functions giving a level of speed and access never seen before, but it can now also connect to Hard Drives and manipulate the data for the first time over USB using any Windows 32bit or 64bit operating system with just a few simple clicks.
What does this mean for you ?
  1. A new version of HDDHackr, a tool that allows you to use some Western Digital HDDs as Xbox 360 HDD has just been released. Version: v1.30 Filesize: 29.68 Kb Added on: 08-Mar-2011 Downloads: 12130 Rating: 1 (2 Votes).
  2. How to set up a bootable usb stick with HDDhackr and hddss.Files -https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=a6939fd1a1c6c992&resid=A6939FD1A1C6C992!103Backgro.

Steps to make a transportable Hard Disk Suitable For an Xbox 360 Console.

You can now convert any off-the-shelf 2.5' SATA Hard Drive and convert it to be 100% XBOX 360 Compatible, saving you a TON of money !
The X360USB PRO HDD HACKER TOOL currently supports the entire range of Western Digital 2.5' SATA Hard Drives, however we will be able to add a range of other manufacturer's and models in future updates.
All you need is the HDSS.BIN file from an original XBOX360 Hard Drive (which can be easily extracted using the X360USB PRO) and use it to convert your WD SATA Drive. The following guide will show you just how easy it is.

Note: The size of the drive is limited to the size of your HDSS.BIN file (e.g. if you have a 250GB HDSS.BIN and you flash it to a 320Gb Hard Drive - then the drive will recognize in the Xbox 360 as a 250GB drive)

To support the the new HDD capabilities of the X360USB PRO, we have begun to manufacture a range of new products to give you a clean and professional Hard Drive update experience.

Replacement Slim HDD Case

Replacement Phat HDD Case
The X360USB PRO HDD HACKER TOOL is sponsored by www.xconsoles.com
so we are happy to direct you to their website for special offers on these new products including great deals on WD 2.5' SATA hard Drives.
  • XECUTER X360USB HDD Hacker Tool - Download
  • XECUTER X360USB PRO (Minimum v18 Firmware)
  • XECUTER HDD ADAPTER PRO (you can also use the HDD Adapter that comes with the CK3 Pro for Phat drives or a SATA power adapter for Slim drives)
  • Windows 32bit or 64bit
  • MAC OSX Compatible (When using Bootcamp or VMWare to run Windows)
  • Original HDSS.BIN File
OK let's begin.....
The image below shows you the simple GUI and a short explanation of each button. The app has been kept purposely simplistic to make this as easy as possible.

To extract the HDSS.BIN from an original XBOX 360 Hard Drive
Flashes a HDSS.BIN to your 3rd party Hard Drive and saves a copy of the drives original sectors to UNDO.BIN
Restores the Hard Drive's firmware and Max LBA to it's original state using the UNDO.BIN
Hdd hacker xbox 360 download fullPARTITION
Partitions and formats the drive to XBOX 360 specifications

Xbox 360 Hacks Download Free

Flashing Your Hard Drive With HDSS.BIN
For this tutorial we are using a Western Digital WD2500 BUDT 2.5' SATA HARD DRIVE - On Sale Now at XCONSOLES.COM for only $49.99 While Stocks Last.
1. Connect your Hard Drive to your computer using the X360USB PRO. You can power the drive using the new Xecuter HDD Adapter Pro or you can use the CK3 HDD Adapter that comes with the CK3 Pro if you have a Phat 360 or you can use a direct SATA Power cable if you have a 360 Slim.
If your X360USB PRO and Hard Drive are working correctly then Windows should detect the drive with no problems.
Open up the HDD Hacker Tool app with full Administrator rights (right click and Run As Administrator). You must have your X360USB PRO updated to at least v18 firmware and if your Eeprom is up to date then it will display 'Eeprom up-to-date !'. If your Eeprom needed updating it will tell you that it is being updated and will do everything for you automatically.
Now click the FLASH button

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2. You will be asked to load your HDSS.BIN file. In this case we are going to open a 250GB HDSS.BIN that was extracted from an original 250GB XBOX 360 SLIM drive. Select the correct HDSS file and click OPEN.
3. You will now see the properties of your connected Western Digital Hard Drive (left column) and the properties of the 250GB HDSS.BIN (right column)

4. If your connected drive and the loaded HDSS.BIN have different drive properties, you will be asked if you would like to flash the drive so that they match. Click Yes.
5. You will now be asked to make a backup of your original drive so it can be restored to stock at a later date. It will be saved as UNDO.BIN, simply click SAVE. DO NOT LOSE THIS FILE !

6. That's it ! All you have to do now is disconnect the power of the drive for 10 seconds and you are ready to partition and format the drive ready for XBOX 360 compatibility. We told you it was easy

7. After 10 seconds connect the power back to your hard drive. Windows should now detect the drive with the new drive properties.

8. Now click on the PARTITION button. The app will scan for a detected XBOX 360 compatible hard drive and auto load it when found.
9. There is an automatic option to do all the partitions and formatting with one click (Quick Prepare button), however for education purposes we'll just show you how to do the partition and format steps manually. Tick all of partition boxes (0,2 & 3) in the Create partitions column and click CREATE

10. Now tick all of the Format partition boxes (0, 2 & 3) and click FORMAT.
11. You are now finished and ready to use your new Hard Drive. For drive management we recommend you use the fantastic Party Buffalo Drive Explorer. It is an awesome app and is updated regularly. You can get the latest version and read all about its features here: mad props to CLK Rebellion for this great app !
To restore your drive to it's default state simply click RESTORE, select the relevant UNDO.BIN file to your drive then click OPEN and OK. That's it
Special credit for the “HDDHackr” original concept goes to The Specialist. Extra thanks for their work on the original HDDHackr go to Loser, Team MODFREAKz & Schtrom
Special thanks to Ubergeek and Team Xecuter for the guide
10 PCS, 10cm x 10cm, 2 layers prototype for $38.80 shipped!

Buy Game Console Adapters from http://www.easymg.com or http://www.diygadget.com

What is this?

You own a XBOX 360 Arcade... after a month of ownership, you quickly realized that you missed a lot of features because you don't have a HDD for your Arcade!

There are lots of good articles talking about what you are missing without a HDD. In summary:

  • Cannot download Xbox Live® downloadable content
  • You cannot play original XBOX games without a HDD
  • Cannot save music and audio files
  • ...

However you need to pay $150 to get a 120G HDD from MS! Not to mention that a 120G SATA HDD only cost your around $40!

You cannot just pop in a notebook SATA HDD to your arcade, because the XBOX 360 HDD has special security bit in it. Your xbox 360 won't read any HDD without this security bit. The second thing is, you need a HDD enclosure for your to attach the HDD to your XBOX 360.

Fortunately, thanks to hddhackr, a tool provided by TheSpecialist (TS), it can write the XBOX 360 HDD security bit to some Western Digital HDD, so you can use it in your XBOX 360.We have also stocked the XBOX 360 HDD enclosure (include all the hardwares).

In this tutorial, we will show you how to flash a Western Digital HDD to work with XBOX 360, then we will demonstrate how to install HDD to the enclosure we have provided online (at http://www.easymg.com and http://www.diygadget.com).

The total cost to have a $120G HDD for your XBOX 360 is only $70 - $80! That's almost 50% savings!

OK, let's get started!

Hardware and software

The following are required hardware and software for your to perform this work:

  • XBOX 360 (Any XBOX 360)
  • Any Western Digital WD-BEVS SATA 2.5 inch hard drive, for example, WD1200BEVS 120G HDD.
  • XBOX 360 HDD enclosure, available at http://www.easymg.com
  • Access to a SATA port (native SATA port from your mother board, or VT6421a PCI-SATA controller, available at http://www.easymg.com
  • Hddhackr 0.91, download from here. (V1.0 is buggy, we found 0.91 is the most stable version)
  • HDD security bin file. There are 3 security bin files available, 20G, 60G and 120G. You need to get one for your size of HDD. However, if you have larger size, you can use the lower size security bin file, and the available size is the size specified in the security bin file. XBOX 360 120GB HDDSS can be downloaded from internet. You can google it.

That's all.

Western Digital Scorpio™ HDD

In this example, I am going to show you how to flash the security bit to WD WD1200BEVS 120 GB SATA Hard Drive.

This is the HDD I bought from TigerDirect:

Make sure the model number is WDxxxxBEVS. This is the only supported HDD at this moment. The model number is visible on the back:


Hddhackr runs in native DOS (not DOS prompt in windows). You need to create a writeable bootable DOS media, e.g. bootable floppy disk, or bootable USB key. Please flow the instructions here to prepare a writeable and bootable medial.

After the bootable media is ready, copy Hddhackr to the bootable media, also put the HDDSS.bin (downloaded from internet) in the same directory as hddhackr. Make sure the bootable media is writeable, because hddhackr will need to write to it.

If you don't have access to native SATA port on you PC, you need a PCI to SATA controller, buy it from http://www.easymg.com.

Then install it to your PC by following the instruction here.

Flash HDDSS to Your WD HDD

Turn off your PC, connect you HDD to your PC's SATA prot via a SATA cable, and connect the power cable to it as well:

Turn on your PC, and boot from your bootable media, e.g. floppy or USB key. After it is booted, run hddhackr -f from command line, you will see something similar to this screen:

Answer yes to question: 'Want to flash this firmware to make it compatible with sector 16?' Then answer yes to question: 'Do you want to create an undo file?'.(I forgot to take a screen shot of this, sorry!)

After a couple seconds, you will see this:

Now, turn off the PC and wait at least 10 seconds. I mean power off. Restart it without powering it of is not going to work!

I waited 20 seconds, just to be sure... then boot to the same bootable media to verify the flash by typing hddhackr -f again to verify:

It's confirmed that the HDD is flashed successfully. Now, you save the bootable media to a safe place. You need to use the same disc to restore your HDD to work with your PC because it contains undo files.

Install the HDD into the XBOX 360 HDD Enclosure

The HDD socket on XBOX 360 is a special socket, you need a HDD enclosure to connect your HDD to your XBOX 360. You can buy the brand new HDD enclosure from http://www.easymg.com.

Open the package, you will find the following items in your package:

It has everything you need, including the screws:

Hddhackr Download

The screws are Phillips crosshead screws, they are not special ones.

Now, don't connect the cable to the HDD yet, you need first slide in the HDD into the enclosure, then connect the cable:

Then, make sure the white rubber is aligned in the hole of the connector as shown in pic below:

Then push the HDD into it's position and install the screws:

Put them together, and install last 4 screws, then you are ready to attache it to your XBOX 360!

Attache HDD Enclosure to XBOX 360

In my example, I attache it to a Arcade, but it applies to all xbox 360s.

Power off your XBOX 360 first. Remove the power plug from the back of your xbox 360.

Remove the side panel by press the release button:

Side panel removed:

Firmly attach the HDD enclosure to your XBOX 360:

Format the HDD in XBOX 360

Before you format the HDD in xbox 360, you need to write down the XBOX 360 serial number. You can find it by either look at the back of the machine, or access it from System menu:

Now, connect power cable of your xbox 360, and power on it.Navigate to System -> Memory menu, select it:

You will see this screen. Press Y to format it:

Hddhackr Xbox 360 Download Free

Highlight FORMAT and press A:

Hdd Hacker Xbox 360 Download Torrent

Answer yes to confirm format:

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Answer yes to enter the serial number:

Fill in your console's serial number in the box, then highlight the Done button, and then press A:

Format in progress:

Format finished:

Check the device, it's confirmed that you have just added a 120G HDD to your XBOX 360!

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Buy Game Console Adapters from http://www.easymg.com or http://www.diygadget.com

10 PCS, 10cm x 10cm, 2 layers prototype for $38.80 shipped!
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