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NameGangstar Vegas: World of Crime
PublisherGameloft SE
Latest Version4.5.0i
File Size35 MB and OBB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited VIP Points, Money
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Download Apk Gangstar Vegas Hack. Gangstar Vegas Apk is a mod variant of Gangstar Vegas is a one of the best action game. Onward in this article we will give you with all the guides which can assist you in downloading and installing this game. Gangstar Vegas Apk is a favorite mod of Online Action Game. More option: Hitman Sniper Mod Apk. Gangstar Vegas Mod APK Download for Android. Getting the Gangstar Mod APK 2021 download game will give you added features from the original. The additions will allow for an even better gaming experience in the end. Some of these will include: Access the Gangstar Vegas Mod APK unlimited money feature. Full hack gangstar vegas mod apk 2020100%working work all version Gangstar 4 apk & obb file linklink http. Free Download Gangstar Vegas World of Crime v 5.1.0d Hack mod apk (Unlimited Money / Diamonds / Keys / SP) For android mobiles, Samsung HTC Nexus LG Sony.

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK



2.4/5(67 votes )

Want to play rough? Enter the city of Vegas and roll the dice on a life full of crime, drama, and crazy adventure. Gameloft recently rolled out a new addition to its game family called Gangstar Vegas, and we couldn’t expect anything better. It’s already taking over the Google PlayStore by storm with more than 50 million downloads and a superhit rating of 4.5 stars. It is the fifth and second most recent installment of the Gangstar series by Gameloft, a prequel to Gangstar New Orleans (Mod APK).

The game is Gameloft’s answer to the Mafia series, GTA, and other open-world games. It’s not comparable to the games mentioned, but it’s pretty close to their standards given it has been developed and tested for the mobile audience only. To know why we have compared this mobile game to some of the most legendary games, roll down to the next section and see what’s there in the box and later on, why a mod is required for this game.


Run open in Vegas, a city full of gang wars, robberies, auto racing, clan conspiracies, and many other crazy wild activities. Your objective is simple, roam around in the city, find complete different missions, earn VIP points, and reach to Gold VIP category. There are over 80 missions packed full of action, shooting, auto racing, and theft. Join parties in the gang wars with flamethrowers, Molotov cocktail, grenade launchers, and many more lethal weapons. Dive in the TPS action and dethrone present Gangstar Boss to make a name for yourself. Customize your crime boss with a bunch of different outfits and roll high on streets. Further in the blog, read why a mod is required for Gangstar Vegas and know about its features.

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK – Why is it required?

“The mission “Get Off My Lawn” fought the alien ship is a scam. I spent well over a hundred grand in-game currency on ammo and medkits to finish it, instead when you finish it I get a black screen! I cannot even afford any better weapons because all my in-game currency is gone! Please fix this.”

“Just higher the prices of the cars when we sell them and lower the prices of crates, guns, and clothes. But it’s an awesome game.”

These are two of the many reviews that reveal how inappropriate pricing of items in Gangstar Vegas is causing rage among players. On top of that with the recent updates, Gameloft has restricted all the ways by which a player could earn VIP points for free. VIP points can now only be obtained by making in-application purchases. Gameloft has also made it challenging to collect diamonds and earn money from the game to encourage players to purchases them for real money.

Overpriced items and the inability to earn free VIP points has made a lot of players to switch to Gangstar Vegas mod apk. Back in the GTA time, it was easy to enter the cheats and get some help to complete missions, but an Android game like Gangstar Vegas does not support cheats. The only way to get unlimited VIP points, money, health, and diamonds is to download the mod version. The mod offers unlimited everything, which means every in-game feature that required real money is available free of cost. Although the game has a very large size (in Megabytes), the mod version has a highly compressed OBB version which makes it easy for players to download it on slow internet.


Here is the list of all the features included in the Gangstar Vegas mod apk.

VIP Points

All the high-grade weapons, vehicles, and equipment in the game are classified in three VIP categories, namely bronze, silver, and gold. To unlock a specific resource, you need to reach its VIP categories. To fall into a particular VIP category, you need to earn VIP Points. Earlier the game allowed you to increase your VIP progress by making in-game purchases, playing the game every day and by completing missions. But with the latest update, Gameloft SE has limited the ways to earn VIP points to just one, i.e., by making in-game purchases. Now, if a player makes a purchase of diamonds or upgrades any equipment with real money, he/she gets VIP points. The higher the purchase amount, the more VIP points earned. This change in the way of earning VIP points has been a significant concern for a lot of players who used to earn VIP points by playing the game daily and completing missions. This issue is the latest update that has caused several players to opt for the mod version of Gaster Vegas. Gagster Vegas mod APK provides free unlimited VIP points so that players stay in the Gold VIP category and get all weapons, vehicles, and equipment unlocked.


Money is one of the primary features in the game and lets you buy weapons, cars, bikes, and other prominent items from the store. Money can be earned by completing missions or by purchasing from the in-game store. If you wish to have all the fancy weapons and vehicles at your disposal without making efforts to earn the in-game currency, try Gangstar Vegas mod apk. The mod will provide the maximum amount of money, i.e., 99.9M$ in the game. This amount will not decrease as you make purchases or upgrades.


Diamonds are the primary currency in the game. They are used to purchase premium weapons, vehicles, and equipment from the three VIP categories. There are two ways to earn diamonds for free. A player can watch video ads, and this can give you 90 Diamonds a month if you do this daily for 30 days or complete Solo, Missions, and Gang Battles. Based on the performance in a mission, a player may be awarded from 5 to 100 diamonds. The number of diamonds required on an average to make a purchase in the game is around 500, only one-fifth of it can be collected from a mission. The mod version of Gastar Vegas offers unlimited diamonds along with money and VIP points.


Gameloft reinforces strict policies against players using unfair means to obtain resources. However, Gangstar Vegas Mod APK has an Anti-ban feature that bypasses all the security filters and avoids getting your account banned. This bypassing of security filters is done using Gangstar Vegas private servers. These servers are managed by third-party developers, including BlueMods and Gameloft, who have no control over them.

All vehicles unlocked

Laufer, VampSquid, Gallapino, W4C-H, Jackalope, and a lot more. Gagastar Vegas offers more vehicles to drive than a popular driving game. These fancy cars and motorbikes are locked at the beginning of the game and require a high VIP level as well as a lot of diamonds to unlock. Many of the cars in the game are inspired from City Racing Lite Mod apk because the game involves a lot of racing. However, it can be pretty annoying to keep your hands off a car that you really love. Well, you won’t have to compromise on your ride because Gangstar Vegas Mod APK has all vehicles unlocked. Choose your ride and roam around the city.


Most of the missions in the game require you to use different weapons. Each weapon has a different caliber and thus requires a different ammo type. You can purchase ammo at the beginning of each level in the game using gold. However, Gangstar Vegas mod APK provides unlimited ammo unable to buy ammo and weapons due to insufficient money. This problem can be easily solved using the Gangstar Vegas’ Mod as it supplies you with unlimited ammo.

Unlocked and upgraded Weapons

There are conventional as well as superweapons from the future in Gangstar Vegas. However, the twist lies in unlocking and upgrading them, which can only be done after you have reached the Gold VIP level. With the mod, you will be able to unlock and upgrade weapons to level 3 at no extra cost.

Gameplay Video


Gangstar Vegas mod apk is one of the best open-world games mod for the mobile platform. A lot of games may come and go, but this one will always be favorite because of its GTA style graphics. Explore every inch of Vegas racing through the streets and send your crime clans versus the rest of the gangs of the city. Get ready for unannounced battles including alien wars and waves of tanks. Stay close to the power supply because your phone’s battery will be draining while you play this game for hours. Welcome to Vegas.Unlimited Unlimited


All applications at are tested and verified before being made available to the users. Gangstar Vegas Mod APK does not require any human verification or survey to initiate the download. You should avoid any site that asks you to complete a survey or to download additional applications to verify your identity.
Also, take a note that 'Cheats' or 'Generators' for Gangstar Vegas Mod APK do not work. In fact, they are scams targeted to steal your personal or device information.

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How To Download Gangstar Vegas Hack

Current Version: 5.2.1b
Mod - a lot of money / VIP 10
Gangstar Vegas - become a real gangster in this game. The scene takes place in Las Vegas, show criminal cones that you are the one who was waiting for this city. Gather your gang under the general slogan, lead it forward sweeping away all the blocks on the way, think over tactics, upgrade your skills, and also just have fun. A huge number of cool weapons, interesting characters of the job, pumping, cool cars, all this will be ours. Communicate with other gang members, show them your strategies and prove that you are the best. In addition, it is necessary to rob and kill, except for people from other gangs there will be cops and other unpleasant people, give them a rebuff and show what you are standing for. The rich world is populated in all possible ways, so you should not worry. Customize your character, choose a clothes or hairstyle responsibly!


  • High-quality and diverse gameplay of the game!
  • Musical accompaniment and other pleasant moments!
  • Visual style!
  • Las Vegas!
  • Interesting characters and dialogues!
  • Timekiller in its purest form!
  • Simple control in which there is nothing difficult!
  • Dangerous shootout!
  • Bosses!
  • Cars and guns!

How to install (Update) (APK+Cache)

How To Download Gangstar Vegas Hack In Icon

  • First download the APK file from our website;
  • Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the settings on Android. This function is located in the 'Security' section;
  • Using ES File Explorer or any other file manager, find the downloaded APK file. Usually it is located in the Downloads folder;
  • Open the downloaded file and install;
  • If you update the original application, and not the mod, then the old version can not be deleted. If you are trying to install a modified version on top of the original, the installation may not complete. You have to delete the old version. (There is no guarantee to save the game process);
  • If the game has a cache, download it and unzip it with a file manager or any program that can extract files from ZIP archives. Copy the contents along the path sdcard/Android/obb. That is, the path should be the path sdcard/Android/obb/cache folder/cache files;
  • If errors occur - write in the comments, we will be happy to help you.
How To Download Gangstar Vegas Hack

Download Gangstar Vegas [MOD: Money] 5.2.1b on Android:

DOWNLOAD: Hacked version 5.2.1b (44,1 MB)
​DOWNLOAD: OBB/DATA 5.2.1b (2 GB)​​​

Download Gangstar Vegas Hack Apk

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