Igi 2 Hack Tool Free Download

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Use this shortcut to run a dedicated server. Now open the 'ai' folder, there you will see three files namely 'default. U can also do this by downloading igi2 hack tools pack from http: A dedicated server needs to be started from the command line. I hope u also downloaded it. Jaydeep Dave This is the tuffest Game.

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Igi 2 cheats free download
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Project IGI 2 Covert Strike Cheats PC Go to www.igi 2 trainer webs.com and download the trainer file. Then install or extract it. You'll get 2 files now copy those two files in the folder of IGI.

The list of multiplayer maps is: Manish, Amit, Anand This cheat will help you to change the ground texture in the game e.

We think only a selected few really die-hard people will dig their teeth into it - if you're able to do it you might just as well apply for a job with our company!

Now, open the file with notepad. Manish, Amit, Anand With the help of this cheat you can hold maximum no. It will toggle invisible cheat code. First, go to C: In that image make your own design,write our name do whatever then save it in that folder with the samename.

U can complete that map in less htan 1 minute.

Cheats fro IGI 2


There are often safer points of entry. Find 'BaseData bool8 DangerTimeout[ I know this walktrough is long and boring but your health will b untill last so go on Now scroll the contents until you reach the line 'max damage scale'.

Watch this cheat video on www. Download these from my website: Version of this editor is 1. Now Start The Game 1st. Almost as important as the AIs ability to hear you at different distances on different types of material. Cheating in IGI 2: Then Go to the 'common' folder and then in the 'ai' folder. Before rushing into a base, make sure you completely scout it out.

If you have any issues or problems, contact me at: There are no enemy guards. It will display as a black 22 which means the server is running. You will have the same opportunity, but supporting a mod-community would be very, very resource-demanding for us.

Igi 2 Hack Tool Free Download

If u want to donwload it, edtied my above given site and don't forget that Gamespy is closing on 31 May. Find all the folder named 'ai' in the game's folder.

Igi 2 Hack Tool Free Download For Pc

How impressed with IGI 2 are you at this stage? It will unlock all missions in the level menu. But u can add more. Best use of AK47 like Dragunov etc: Now start the Game as soon as the cut scene ends and ur player lands on the ground well he's dead.

Igi 2 Hack Tool Free Download Pc

A dedicated server needs to be started from the command line. If u also had created, contact me on given email id. Also, we try to do our best to make the igo easier. Then rename them with any other name. I had used up upto hours on maps but none of u use them.