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Super Mario Adventure (SMB1 Hack) Filename: Super Mario Adventure (SMB1 Hack).zip learn what (U), !, and other rom codes mean. (20) To play NES roms, an emulator is required. Popular NES emulators include nesticle vx.xx for DOS, fce ultra v0.96 for Windows, NESten v0.61 for Windows. View all NES emulators.

Super Mario Bros. Hacks

Batman Bros Co-OpBatman Bros. Co-Op. by NesDraug (version 1.2) Bruce Wayne has grown old. He is no longer the Batman he used to be but he still needs to rescue Robin since he got captured. So he created a Batclone. An almost identical Batman. A brother, if you like. A Batbro. - Two player co-op mode - Play as Batman - Changed graphics - Changed palettes - Slightly altered levels - Changed warps - Mushrooms are now bat masks - Fire flowers are now Batarangs - Stars are now bats - Coins are bats - 50 Coins to get 1UP This hack is based on the Super Mario Bros. - Two Players Hack by Corpse Grinder and Ti
Brian's Super Mario Bros HackThe Hack Is A Simple Challenge, Or In Other Words, Easy
Extra Mario Bros.New maps, new graphics, new enemies, new powerups, new physics, new final boss. It’s inspired by Metroid and in fact, some tiles are imported directly from it. It’s practically a new game.
Girl Dream-TopiaThis is the story of a Girl who ends up in a different world than the others, it is called 'Dream-Topia' it seems like a 'Dream', but the evil 'Dragon Bowser' has taken control of all worlds! and now is in danger of disappearing that wonderful world in which she is, now she very brave tries to stop Dragon Bowser and also save a Princess additionally ending this tremendous nightmare that she and the Princess are going through. What will happen to the Girl? Could she save the world called 'Dream-Topia'?
HELL: Full EditionHelp Mario battle his way out of Hell as he attempts to beat Satan's six deadly challenges!
Hello Kitty in The Mushroom KingdomThis hack swaps Mario & Luigi with Hello Kitty & her sister, Mimmy. Their sprites were used from the NES game that was only in Japan, 'Hello Kitty World' Story: One day, Kitty & Mimmy decided to use their imagination, but their magical balloon had taken them to a land that was far beyond from what they see. One of the toads alerted them both that they both needed to rescue the princess from the clutches of Bowser. Having heard that, Kitty & Mimmy had no choice, but to rescue the princess.
Joe and Moe Pizza DeliveryIt's up toe Joe and Moe to run cross country to delivery their pizzas. This is a full hack with levels redesigned and most graphics have been changed. Unfortunately, this hack has trouble working on some emulators. It is recommended to use the JNES emulator.
John And Bill Adventure DEMOJohn and Bill are the 2 sons of Mario that had taken on his legacy. These 2 men have been dispatched by the royal authority to take back the Kingdom of Darkness from the Evil Lord Bowser. And to also avenge their father and mother, King Mario and Queen Toadstool. Now it is up to them, to take back the kingdom from the demonic lord. And to also avenge their parents death's.
Kaizo Mario Bros.This isn't really that Kaizo-related, but it's intended to be like it. You have 99 lives (NES 100 Mario Challenge??), some levels are new, and several access to free glitches, such as the giltch level in the other pipe in 1-2. (spoilers) If you got to 7-7 or beyond 1-2 (SPOILERS AGAIN); Since there is no ending; you're not just a Super-Player, you're a hyper player! But, (this isn't part of the ending lol): I have another of this (NES file) on another site, but as always ENJOY! Note: To progress after 1-2, press B when you finish L-1. It will take you to the title screen. Start again. You will be teleported to 3-1. Also take note you sometimes will have to restart the game and try again.
Let's Kill Iggy!Mario must go on a quest to assassinate the son of the king of the koopa in order to prevent an imminent invasion.
LFDS Super Mario Bros v1.5This hack is a complete overhaul of the original. The levels are a lot harder and challenging compared to the original. Good skills are required to defeat this hack easier. However, this is a enjoyable hack.
Luigi Bros.Here is a hack in which you play as Luigi for the main character in another quest in the Mushroom Kingdom! The graphics have been updated and the levels have been changed also.
Luigi's First Quest: The Search for MarioMario has been abducted by Bowser, and it's finally Luigi's time to shine in the spotlight! Join him as he searches for his lost brother while conquering difficult NEW levels.
Mario EvolutionThis hack originally started in 2003 when Tek Hacks used to be around (read the readme for more information)
Mario MisadventuresVersion - 1.0 ROM information: Mario Misadventures - NES Ver.nes MD5: E5AEA539F124D719EE355BC799CAD74A SHA-1: 9CB72F1199F07A4373B6B5F3541641E99590A320 CRC32: F298B331
Mario's KeepMARIO’S KEEP Version 1.2 by NesDraug (and w7n) ---- A hack which requires tricky jumps, but not totally glitch abusing skills to pass. You have to figure out the sequence of the rooms, rescue the princess and find all 9 floors.
Mario's Moon AdventureWhile most of the levels are the same the physics themselves have been changed, gravity is much lower and the longer you hold the jump button the shorter your jumps. The fireballs have been replaced by laser beams, rendering them useless against short enemies on the ground. For whatever reason the water levels have been edited, making them almost impossible to complete.
Mega MarioHere is a hack for Super Mario Bros which changes the levels in the game.
Pack Digital SMB + Shadow SMB + Shadow SMB Pro + Digital SMB English Version + MusicThis is a pack of all my SMB hacks and my hacks' music. Copyright 2013 SMBHacker (Ander M.)
PandamarThis is the Pandamar version of Super Mario Bros that changes the music and graphics, making Mario look like a panda.
Quest for the Missing HatThis is Nightcrawler’s lame first hack made nearly 12 years ago! Thank goodness his skills have progressed since then! HEY!? How did this hack get in here anyway? This hack is for the Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!].nes ROM with a CRC32 of 3337ec46.
Save ToadPlay through a collection of difficult courses to save as many Toads as you can! NOTE: The Hack is not finished yet!
SMB ChallengeHere is a full hack of Super Mario Bros which changes the levels and some of the graphics in the game.
Spudd - The Journey HomeHere is a full hack for Super Mario Bros. Play as Spudd as he tries to make his way to his destination. All the levels have been changed as well as the graphics. Also, power-ups are no longer existent so be careful what you get hit by!
Super Boy NESPart of 'Project Super Boy', an project to hack SMB1 - SMW with Super Boy palette and other stuff!
Super Jack BrosSuper Jack Bros is a amazing hack
Super Kaori - In Search Of Her Stolen PantiesIn this hack you play with a female protagonist named Kaori, or Ayumi if you are player 2. It is a simple hack to change graphics and text, and some other improvements: - The song has been changed, but remains the same. - Has the corrections of the European version - Has Lakitu correction - Change of graphics and color The level design has not been changed. It is like the original game, only with these adjustments. Use lunarIps to patch the rom
Super Mario Bros Chaos EditionThis hack is completely chaotic with redesigned graphics, sprites, and 8 completely redesigned worlds. WARNING, you must save state because of a glitch that i found that makes the screen to continue to move even tho you finished the level and died at the same time. Otherwise this is a really fun game that will sure make you frustrated. It has been tested many times and it is possible!!! No glitches are needed to win. One more thing, world 4-4 you have to WALK at the correct spots to stop the loops.
Super Mario Bros RebirthSuper Mario Bros Rebirth is a complete SMB1 level hack that features 8 new wonderful worlds: 1. Mushroom Kingdom 2. Battlefield 3. Ice Land 4. Cave World 5. Water World 6. Pipe Land 7. Flying Fish World 8. Sky Land
super mario bros with peachthis hack is smb but you play as peach the hack isnt completly finished its at alpha 6.4
Super Mario Bros. - Mario Vs. AirmanHere is a major ASM hack which allows you to play as Mario in the Airman world of MegaMan II! It is only one stage but it is an entertaining hack and shows what can be done with hard work done! The graphics on AirMan may be garbled but it will not effect play-through. There are two versions of this patch. One which is just the AirMan stage and the other which integrates some of the first stage of Super Mario Bros. into it which makes for more of a challenge.
Super Mario Bros. - Remix 2 The New AdventuresHere is a hack that changes all the levels within Super Mario Bros. Also all the graphics have been changed, mostly to those from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Super Mario Bros. - Remix 3 The Link AdventuresHere is a hack that changes the theme of the game to a Zelda themed one! All the levels within Super Mario Bros. have been changed. Also some of the graphics have been changed to those from The Legend Of Zelda.
Super Mario Bros. 2Este hack es un remake con gráficos de Super Mario Bros. y habilita la opción Mundo A y deshabilita las estrellas en la barra de título.
Super Mario Bros. ContinuedExtensive graphics, level and gameplay hack. A pseudo sequel to SMB1.
Super Mario Bros. Special Surprised? You can now play Super Mario Bros. Special on NES Emulator. It was a bit hard to edit the levels exactly but done. Give it a go.
Super Mario Bros. XPSuper Mario Brothers XP is a Faster Paced Version of Super Mario Bros. For NES! It's currently in Alpha,and it's levels are done to 2-4! More Updates will be posted!
Super Mario Brothers NextBoth the levels and difficulty level have been altered.
Super Mario Brothers Next 2Another hack of SMB1 by comm 128 with difficulty and levels altered.
Super Mario Evolution (Bugfixed By Actiongamer)In the original game you couldn't get passed level 3 due to a bug with the castle, but I the ActionGamer fixed the bug and now you can play the game until the end.
Super Mario HavocThis hack is an extremely Kaizo hack that does the impossible, dying on the title screen, 1-1 to 2-1 already (1-2 is secret :P), to even switching levels when DYING! The start of 2 has an Hammer Bro, also i think it's because of axe at the end. Anyways, have fun! You'll be puzzled!
Super Mario RemixA complete remake of Super Mario Bros, with new levels and graphics, in which you star Toad.
Super Mario Remix: The Toad Bros. StorySuper Mario Remix is a hack of smb1 with new gfx and new levels. This time you star as Toad and try to rescue Mario from the clutches of bowser. This is a preview release and is only about 50% done.
Super Mario UnlimitedBowser has returned and kidnapped Yoshi! You must help Mario rescue his friends from the clutches of evil!
Super Mario XmasThis hack changes game Super Mario Bros into a Xmas Adventures! Mario rescues Christmas! P.S. Language - Russian
Super MushroomIn this hack you play as a mushroom free from his question mark block! Make your way through this strange variation of the mushroom kingdom controlling a power-up! This was made with new music, new graphics, new style of game-play, and according to the author 9.99% impossibility. Expect also weird enemy behavior that is not normal of a Super Mario Bros. play-through.
Super Ninja BrosSub Zero has to travel through different worlds even weirder than Outworld. Sub Zero must go hunt down Onaga and give him what for. Scorpion is available in Co-Op.
SuperMario2600Ever wanted to see what SMB would have looked like on the Atari? Well there's a homebrew for that. But here's a thing that looks a bit like what I think it could have looked like!
sUpra lUgi brOthor 9001sUpra lUgi brOthor 9001 is a gAme wher ther ar smils an you ar now waoin. eDet: thiS gam wAs aCtily lIstAd aS a mArEo brOs hAc, wIch iT iSnt.
Supreme ice brosThis hack is the second hack after Extreme danger bros and i'ts even harder... Changes: -mario power is changed from fire to ice -gombas is replaced by lightning fast ninjas (kool) -buzzy beetle & koopa troopa don't get dizzy when you jump on them -bowser graphic is replaced with devil bowser -bloober is disappearing in some stages (weird) -ultimate hard levels (with hiden paths) -cool new music Stages list: 1-1,1-2,1-3,1-4,1-5, 2-1,2-2,2-3,2-4,2-5, 3-1,3-2,3-3,3-4,3-5, 4-1,4-2,4-3, 5-1,5-2,5-3,5-4, 6-1,6-2, 7,1.
Toad's Christmas AdventureSanta’s evil brother has stolen Toad’s little sister (Toadette) and toad’s gift! You have to play though the frozen North Pole of the Mushroom Kingdom to save them!
Toad's Treasure QuestThe story involves how Toad came to posses all those useful items in SMB3. In this hack, you search for those warp flutes. Yes, I know Toad doesn't actually give you those flutes in SMB3. Just pretend he finds em and intends on giving them to Mario, but then Toad trips on a Goomba and drops the flutes which then get stolen by Bowser's henchmen. here.
Toadette's Christmas AdventureYou take on the role of Toadette who just had her Christmas morning ruined by a monster taking her Brother. Play through 4 action packed snowy levels in order to save your brother and get back to Christmas break!
Yoshi IslandsThis is so far the second full smb hack where you get to play as Yoshi, The first is Super Mario Evolution. This hack was originally made by Ku-Pi-Mintendo, but it only had 1 world done. So I decided to add 3 more worlds, change some of the graphics, fix some of the levels, and give the sprites some animations. For example: Yoshi, the clouds, the bushes, and some of the enemies can blink their eyes now. Also, now the graphics question blocks move in a circle like in Super Mario Bros 3, and to top it all off, when you get to the end of a level and see the flag on top of the castle, the flag moves like if the wind is hitting it. Now that is amazing. So go ahead and download the patch file and patch that smb1 rom to play some Yoshi Islands
Yoshi's Quest (The Unofficial spinoff of Super Mario Evolution)PLOT: 20 Years after saving Baby Mario in Yoshi Islands. Mario is now all grown up. However, Mario gets kidnapped by Bowser again and now Yoshi and Boshi must set out to save him. THINGS ADDED: 1. New Enemies 2. New Graphics 3. New Mechanics 4. New Music from Yoshi's Island on the SNES 5. New Challenges 6. And best of all, a whole new game. CREDITS: Graphics by Mashi/ActonGamer Music by Unknown Levels by ActionGamer Special Thanks to Mashi for making the original game that this game is based off of.
YY-ALLThis is a level hack clone of All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.
YY-SM2B1This is a level hack clone of Super Mario Bros 2 and most everyting has been transfered over.
YY-SMBThis is a difficulty hack and really does make it alot harder.

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Mario Adventure is large romhack of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System created by DahrkDaiz and significantly alters many aspects of the game to create something almost entirely new with new graphic, enemies, powerups, and much more.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is a universally acclaimed platformer developed and published by Nintendo and released on the NES in 1988. Praised in its time as “the Mona Lisa of gaming”, it stands firm as the third best selling NES game of all time and was cherished for its replayability, charming graphics, and “absolutely impossible to put down” gameplay.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • All New Hubworld, Overworld, And Levels
  • Random Weather
  • New Powerups
  • New Enemies
  • Item Boxes Purchasable At Toad Houses

Game Description

If you want to see a video of Mario Adventure in action, check out the video below.

Mario Adventure is easily one of the greatest NES hacks of all time and stands out as a must for any fan of Super Mario Bros. 3. This hack sets out to change nearly all aspects of the original game by changing levels, items, enemies, and a number of base game functionality. Most notably, most levels in this hack end with a mini boss fight.

With all new level design and some added variety one would not expect from the typical Mario game, this hack can prove to be a tad bit more difficulty than its parent title. This is somewhat balanced out by the changes made to powerups and the ability to store powerups for when you really need them.

Mario Adventure throws out the typical linear progression of NES Mario titles and opens up all of the worlds for the player to take on whenever they feel like it. The main goal of the game is slightly different than ususal, requiring the player to seek out hidden keys in order to progress to the game’s finale.

Title Screen

A slightly altered title screen is present in this hack as presented below.


Due to the nature of new levels and enemies, many graphical changes have been made in Mario Adventure. Most of these changes are to tilesets and color palettes and the changes that you will notice to the Hubworld and Overworld sections of the game.


Mario Adventure does a lot to change the base functionality of the original Super Mario Bros. with various additions and alterations. Some of the biggest changes to the game include: infinite lives; a Hubworld where all worlds can be accessed at any time; significantly improved powerups such as the Fire Flower providing increased jump height and fireballs that travel in a straight line; Kuribo’s Shoe can be stored and accessed throughout levels; and more. The game also allows the player to store one powerup so that they may switch between them at any time or access a powerup when they are in a tough situation.

Ultimately, the core gameplay is very similar however players will note that each level tends to end with a mini-boss battle and the overall goal of each world is to find a hidden key which is necessary in order to access the final 8th world and beat the game.

Mario Adventure Smb3 Rom Hack Download


A number of melodies have been altered slightly for this hack and some new sound effects added as well.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Mario Adventure Rom by clicking here.


So is this game worth a try? Mario Adventure is a must for all Mario fans as it adds a slew of new content to an already fantastic timeless classic. If you have ever wanted to relive the days of playing through Super Mario Bros. for the first time, this hack shakes up the base game just enough to scratch that nostalgia itch while proving new and interesting features for players to enjoy.

Mario Adventure Rom Hack Download

If you have played this game please let us know what you thought of the game by leaving us a comment.