Mario Kart 64 Deluxe Rom Hack Download

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Mario Kart 64 DELUXE - New Characters!★Download ★★SMBX 1.4.4★ Here is a ROM hack which changes all the tracks in the game to new ones! Also Koopa has been replace - Hacks - Super Mario Kart - 64 Reverse Remake. The easiest thing to do is copy the.ips file in to the same folder as the original ROM and make sure the.ips and.rom file have the same name, for example. Super Mario Kart R.ips. Super Mario Kart R.rom. Now launch your emulator and then open the ROM and you should be able to play the hack. If the hack does not load you will need to patch the. Mario Kart 64 USA rom for Nintendo 64 (N64) and play Mario Kart 64 USA on your devices windows pc, mac,ios and android!

Mario Kart 64 Deluxe Rom Hack Download

Battle Kart 64 is an exciting new hack by Triclon that greatly expands and adds all sorts of new goodies to Battle Mode in Mario Kart 64. All the code was written in MIPS assembly. It is console compatible (note: requires the Expansion Pak).

New Game Modes!

  • An expanded traditional battle mode.
  • “Hot Potato” featuring a timer on whoever was hit last and counts down to zero. Whoever is the “hot potato” when the timer reaches zero loses 1 HP.
  • “Squish” where you need to hit, lightning shrink, and then run over the shrunken player to score.

New Scoring Modes!

  • Stock scoring where you can now set set the number of hit points, instead of just having 3 balloons.
  • Timed matches where whoever has the least amount of hits when the timer reaches zero wins. Ties go to sudden death.
  • Team matches of 2 vs. 2 or 2 vs. 1 with both point and time scoring.

CPU bots in Battle Mode!

  • Now you can play battle mode by yourself.
  • A lot of work has gone into making bots that will actually track you down and aim their items at you.
  • Best played in Block Fort or Double Deck or on wide open race courses.

All the race courses now will load in Battle Mode!

  • All 16 race courses can now be played in Battle Mode.
  • Great for Koopa Troopa Beach or Kalamari Desert.

Item toggling!

  • You can turn items on and off like in Super Smash Bros.
  • Hate stars? Just turn them off.

And a whole slew of other options!

  • Flat courses!
  • Ludicrous speed!
  • And more!!

Battle Kart 64 will continue to be under active development so the future will bring even more game modes and features.

Mario Kart 64 Rom File

See the readme for details on how everything works.

Mario Kart 64 Deluxe Rom Hack Download Mac

You can check out the source code for Battle Kart 64 here: