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  1. Mother 3 English Rom Hack Download Free

Note: If you need help implementing the patch, contact Spids#5510 on Discord.

This is an unofficial English translation of Mother 3, a Japanese RPG released for the Game Boy Advance in 2006. Mother 3 is the sequel to the 1995 Super NES RPG, EarthBound. This patch is in UPS format and the archive comes with custom patching programs for Windows, Linux, and Mac. UPDATE – April 20th, 2021. As a celebration of the game’s. PK Hack (version 0.5.14) - 2.16 MB,.zip compressed. PK Hack is the Alpha and the Omega - the premier EarthBound hacking utility available anywhere. If you have any intention of hacking EarthBound, this program is an absolute Must Have. As opposed to previous versions, PK Hack v0.5+ is programmed in Java using a modular design.

Mother 3: Claus’s Journey, is a hack that switches the roles of main characters Lucas and Claus, making Claus into the main protagonist, which greatly changes the story due to Claus’s drastically different personality compared to Lucas. Much of the text and story is altered to better showcase Claus’s personality and thoughts, as well as how others react to him.

There are also 3 versions of the hack, but the story remains the same between them, and the only changes are to the PSI that Claus and Kumatora learn in the game. As for the differences between all 3 versions, those are detailed in the README.

This new version has updated dialogue that’s been better polished, but also has changed dialogue for 2 new areas (the toilet dungeon and porky’s mini games), as well as other areas. It also alters the King Porky Statue boss fight to be winnable via normal means and give greater rewards as a result.

NOTE: Due to the scarcity of the original Japanese ROMs these days, the patches have been made to be applied to a Mother 3 ROM that has already been patched with Version 1.2 of English Translation. HOWEVER, this hack is still it’s own separate entity from the fan translation, with all of the dialogue being retranslated, and over half of the dialogue altered from the original script and being of spiderfreak1011’s own writing/work for the sake of this new story, along with significant gameplay changes for the 2 main party members’ Claus and Kumatora. It’s a hack made by the fans for the fans for people that want to experience Mother 3’s story in a different light, and with the knowledge of the previous story to see the differences and have a fresh experience.

  • Step 0 Try to find a legit copy of the game. It’s not cool to brazenly pirate stuff! Itoi, Nintendo, HAL, and Brownie Brown worked hard on this game. Assuming you can’t find a retail copy (they're extremely rare) you should consider buying some official merch (below).
  • Step 1 You need a copy of the ROM before patching. You’re on your own for this step.
  • Step 2 Open the MOTHER 3 Fan Translation zip file. Inside you’ll find “patcher” programs for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Use the patcher to apply the translation to your MOTHER 3 ROM. Problems? Click here.
  • Step 3 Ta-da! Your ROM is now in magical, sexy English. All you have to do is open it with a Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator. Here are our recommendations:
    • PC

    • Mac

    • Linux


After more than 13 years of waiting, the sequel to EarthBound is now in English! I hope fans of the series, new and old, will find MOTHER 3 to be just as unique and interesting as its predecessors. We tried our very best to make a worthy translation, and I think we came close to hitting that mark. With any luck, the translation will seem just as 'strange, funny, and heartrending' as the original Japanese version.

MOTHER 3 is filled with secrets and rarities. Characters say new things after even the tiniest of events. Take your time to explore the game's intriguing world - you won't be disappointed! And when you're done, be sure to come back here, because we've prepared many more goodies for fans to check out and enjoy post-game!

Enjoy your time in the world of MOTHER 3!

- Mato

Mother 3 English Rom Hack Download Free

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  • A translation of a quiz from Itoi’s site. If you can answer all of the quiz questions before you’ve even had a chance to play with the patch, please seek psychiatric attention.