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BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD, PLEASE READ THIS POST(or at least read the bugs section) Happy 2016, people! Hello great people of Pokecommunity. I am Crizzle aka Chris Rose, the creator of the sort of successful hack Pokemon Outlaw(thousands have played, thousands more have watched it get played by Poketubers). And I've got another one for you guys. Pokemon Leaf Green ROM V1.1 Free Download For GBA Emulator; Pokemon Red ROM Free Download For GBC Emulator; Pokemon Ruby ROM V1.1 Free Download For GBC Emulator.

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How To Get Treeko,mudkip,torchic

First you beat the Elite Four and then travel to Kanto, go to silph co. , talk to steven and treeko green shard, mudkip nlue shard, torcjic red shard.

Better Pokemon Modifier


Great Evolutions

If you already beat Red you go to Prof. Oaks lab and talk to him and he will say some stuff and he will let you have a starter Pokemon. So you go be hind and you save it before you choose a Pokemon. You don't know if it is a shiny Pokemon till you battle with it. If it is not a shiny Pokemon all you have to do is turn it off. You keep doing this till you have a shiny Pokemon. This works even if you jest started the game or you get a Hoenn starter Pokemon.

How To Find The Gym Leaders For A Rematch

Having trouble finding the Johto and Kanto gym leaders? I put down all the Gym leaders and the time you should find them and what time to battle them. But sometimes your going to have to use the clock on your DS changing around again.
Falkner-In Celadon city mega mart (fourth floor)on Monday (Sat. 4:00a. m . To 9:59a. m . )
Bugsy-At the Viridian forest on Tuesday (Thu. 10:00a. m . To 7:59p. m . )
Whitney-at Goldenrod city mega mart (sixth floor)on Saturday (Sat. 10:a. m . To 7:59p. m . )
Morty-Bellchime path on Monday and Tuesday (Tue. 8:00p. m . To 3:59a. m . )
Chuck-Talk to Chuck's wife anytime (Wed. 8:00p. m . To 3:59a. m . ) (Hint:Chuck's wife is right in front of the gym in Cainwood)
Jasmine- at the Oilvine city cafe 1:00p. m . To 2:00p. m . Everyday (Wed. 10:00a. m . To 7:59p. m . )
Pryce-at Lake of Rage 6:00a. m . To 9:59a. m . On Saturday (Mon. 4:00a. m . To 9:59p. m . )
Clair-Dragon Den at Blackthorn city (6:00a. m . To 9:59) (Warning:After your rivil and you team up to battle Clair and Lance) (Fri. 8:00p. m . To 3:59a. m . )
Now the Kanto gym leaders.
Lt. Surge-on Route 10 from 9:00a. m . To 10:59a. m . Any day (Warning:you must defeat or caught Zapdos and you have to get a Pikachu as your partner pokemon) (Fri. 4:00am to 9:59am)
Sabrina-Olivine harbor every Friday. (Sun. 10:00a. m . To 7:59p. m . )
Erika-at the Celadon city Fountain. (3:00p. m . To 4:59p. m . On Saturday and Sunday) (Sun. 4:00a. m . To 9:59a. m .
Janine-the place where to the left is to mount Sl. And the right at Virian city in the middle. 4:00p. m . To 5:59p. m . Everyday. (Mon. 10:00a. m . To 7:59p. m . )
Misty-at Cerulean Cape 4:00p. m . To 5:59p. m . Any day. (Warning:After you defeat or caught Suicune) (Wed. 4:00a. m . To 9:59a. m .
Brock-Diglett's cave 12:00p. m . To 2:59p. m . Everyday. (Sat. 8:00p. m . To 3:59a. m . )
Blaine-Cinnabar island every Tuesday. (Tue. 10:00a. m . To 7:59p. m . )
Blue-Take the pokemon with maxium happiness to Daisy in Pallet town at Blue's house. Then let her operotes 7 times between 3:00p. m . To 4:00p. m . After this is done talk to her again and she will give you Blue's number. (Sun. 8:00p. m . To 3:59a. m . ).

Different Abilities

Sometimes when you have a shiny pokemon their abilities are different. Like for example you all know that spirtome does not have a single weakness because he is a ghost type and a dark type. Maybe if you catch a SHINY spirtome their might be a chance that ability will be WONDER GUARD! Which mean that spirtome can't be attacked.

Some Secrets About The Ruins

First of al,l to get behind the escape wall use a escape rope to get past the water wall. Then use a water stone to get past the ho-oh wall - you must have a ho-oh in your party, and to get past the light wall you must use the attack flash. I have not got past all the walls but iv got past 3 first the ho-oh wall says 'we humans need to walk with them we leave here for the sake of them'. Behind the light wall it says 'our clan created pokemon statue outside'. Last but not least behind the escape wall it says 'our clan enraged words an this place' by the way you can buy an escape rope in cherry grove for 550. One more thing if you collect all the unknown talk to the guy in the house in the ruins and he'll tell you about his big discovery then talk to him again and he'll give you more notes.


Are you having trouble with Lance? Well I have a hint for you! These are his Pokemon:So, due to his pokemon, this is the best team you can possibly have to defeat him.Ampharos Lv45Ho-oh/Lugia Lv50Starter (I recommend Cyndaquil at that time should be Typhlosion) Lv45Gyarados Lv47 (Train the Gyarados from Lake of Rage)Victreebel Lv45Any one of the legendary dogs Lv45

How To Get An ABSOL

On Wednesday nights (To do it quick save the game, shut it off and change the day)go to the part of Dark Cave that can be found by Blackthorn City and turn on the Pokemon March and ABSOL might appear in the wild! Enjoy your ABSOL! Perfect Moves:Shadow Claw, Dark Pulse, Blizzard and also definitely Swords Dance.

How To Get Dialga,palkia,or Giritina


To get one of these pokemon first you must trade a special arceus that they gave out at toys r us to pokemon heartgold or soulsilver then go to ruins of alph and then you will be a different place once there you will have a choice of dialga, palkia, or giritina you can only take one legendary pokemon.

Tip For Catching Ledgenary Pokemon

If you want to catch ledgenary pokemon when you get to one, just save the game when you get to one.

Hidden Radiochannels, Get Snorelax, and More!

There are 2 hidden radio channels. One is at the ruins of alph. To hear it go under ground at the ruins, and go to where you pick your radio channels, and look at the small white circle in the big black circle. Drag the small circle to the middle, and at the top of the bottom screen, it should say, (Mysterious Transmission). To hear the other one, go anywhere in Kanto. Then go to where you pick your radio channels, and drag the small circle to the top of the big circle, then at the top of the bottom screen it should say (Poke Flute).
You can use the (Poke Flute) to wake up the snorelax in front of DIGLETT`s Cave! Just turn the (Poke Flute) on, exit the Poke Gear, walk up to snorelax, and press A. Then it will say a few things, and you will battle him. To catch him use a pokemon that`s about level 57, attack it until he has low Hp, then use a heavy ball and that is it! And you might want to save before you battle just in case you accidentally defeat him because he is the only one there is. But if you do, turn the DS off and try again, (keep on doing this until you catch him). And once you catch him, you can go through DIGLETT`s Cave and be able to reach the rest of Kanto!

Spiritomb's Weakness

Get a Machamp or something and let it learn Fore Sight then us a fighting type move and that's it!

Short Battles

If you have the code (catch trainer pokemon) for action replay TURN IT ON. Then go battle someone and catch their first pokemon. Now the battle is over.

Secret Radio

If this is your first time before you go to Kanto visit tohjo falls. Inside there are water falls and if you go under one there is a door and in that is a radio. Now go and get the radio card (in kanto) and you will hear on your radio (Serial Radio Drama) something about a radio in tohjo falls.

When Red Returns

You might already found out this but you know that after you beat the elete four and talk to Pro. Oak, and go to Mount Silver right? So after you beat Red for the first time, you can battle him again just like you start all over (I mean not the whole game). You have to beat the elete four again then Red will show up on Mount Sliver.

How To Get Rayquaza

In order to get rayquaza you need kyogre and groudon but you can only get groudon from soulsilver so you need to trade it to your heartgold. Then go to professor Oak and he will give you the jade orb. After that go to the same place where you got kyogre but rayquaza will be there instead.

Sinjoh Ruins

If you have the level 80 event Arceus, Trade it to your Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver then, head to the ruins and put Arceus in the first slot of your party then, go toward the house where the ruin archeologist live. Before you get inside, you'll meet with the man trying to solve the ruins great mystery and will acknowledge the Arceus you have.He'll take you to the ruins and you will encounter a unown scene (get it? A un-known scene? )and will be taken to Sinjoh Ruins where you will meet Cynthia from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.Listen to her instructions to get one of the three legendary dragons of the Sinnoh regionDialga (includes the Adament Orb)Palkia (includes the Lustroues Orb)Garitina (Origin Forme) (includes the Griseous Orb)They may seem pointless to get because you can obtain them by trading them from your Pokemon Daimond, Pearl, or Platinum versions, but they learn moves they couldn't learn and those moves are.Dialga = Metal Burst (May lower the targets Sp. Def Stat)Palkia = Hydro Pump (Powerful but may miss)Garitina = Shadow Sneek (Lets the user strike first)Remeber, you need to have the EVENT ARCEUS to do this eventand it can't be any ohter Arceus you obtain such as the Lv 100 Arceus, Action Replay Chatch Arceus in the Wild Kinda Cheat (etc. )Enjoy!

Find The Fifth Gym Leader

First, get a pokemon that can learn surf. Then go to Oilivine city then go to the beach. Hint; (its where the battle frontier is at) then keep going left until your at Cianwood. Be careful though the gym leader has a Primape and a Poilwath and they have Focus Punch its a extremely fight type move. But there is a bright side though before they can use focus punch they need to charge their power so just use your strongest attacks on Primape and Poliwath. After that then you get the Tm move Focus Punch. USE IT WISELY! Theirs ONLY one of that Tm move.


To find the Pineco you need to go to ilik forest (left of Voilet City) then you need to talk to a guy that has a blue shirt. He can learn you Headbutt. After you got a Pokemon that learns headbutt then use headbutt on the tree right in front of him and there should be a Pineco in the tree.

How To Get Tangrowth

To get tangrowth level up tangela to level 33 it will learn ancient power let it learn it or it wont evolve.

How To Get Mewtwo

2 get mewtwo you must have all badges and I recommend you have at least 40-50 ultra balls. [remember to save when you reach him.

How To Get A Hoenn Starter

First to get a hoenn starter you go to silph co. And you will see steven he will ask you what is your favorite stonegreen[treeko], red[torchic]or blue[mudkip] please comment.

Back To Title Screen

Start+Select+R+L will take you back to the title screen.

Player Modifier

These codes affect ONLY the player. Not the in BATTLE sprite. Back up your save in case it screws over. [which I doubt it will, but be careful] Were the three xxx spot erase it and put the three numbers of the player you want to be. WARNINGDONT RUN DONT GET ON A BIKE DONT USE HM FLY OR ROCKCLIMB AND SWIM BECAUSE YOU TURN TO NORMAL AND THE RUN PART IT JUST SHOWS HIM/HER SLIDING INSTED OF RUNING. IF IT DOESNT WANT TO WORK GO IN A BUILDING.

How To Change Rotom's Form

First go to Saffron City and enter the Silph Co. Building with Rotom following you. Notice that none of the people that are normally there are in the building. Walk into the elevator ( with Rotom still following you). Rotom will jump several times and the elevator will start to work again.When it stops exit the elevator and there will be 5 objects there. Walk up to 1 of them ( With Rotom still following you) and press the a button. It will ask if you want to allow Rotom to enter it. Press yes and Rotom will change into that object!

Stone, (ONLY 2 EACH)friendship, And Trade Hints

Red is based off of Ash from the Tv Show. He his a mix of pokemon types (I will not give them away because that would ruin the surprise. ) . You need the Ground, Grass, Water, and Fire types. Red will not say anything before and after battle. I have not heard anything from him since I battled him.

Hoenn Starter Pokemon

After defeating Red, Go to Sylph co. And Steven will be standing at the counter. He will ask what stone you would choose, Red, green, or blue.

Kanto Starter Pokemon

After defeating Red, go speak to Professor Oak and he will say that he wants to give you a gift for defeating the Kanto region. There will be 3 pokeballs in the back of the room. They are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, each on Lv. 5 . You can choose one.

How To Get Coin Case

When you get to Goldenrod, go straight and right above the Pokemon Center is the Game Corner. Go in there. Talk to the man on the couch. He'll give you a Coin Case. Then go to the couch across, facing him, and talk to him. You can play the game!

Mystery Of The Ruins Of Alpha

Go to the union cave and go to the red guy {straight left and up once you entered to get to azalea town}and battle him and go down the stairs and surf straight there are 2 miners go to the 2nd one then go to the stairs and you'll be surprised you are at the ruins of alpha go to the building bot there's a psychic guy before you go in there and there and recreate the picture its a picture ho oh bring your ho oh and go to the gold and its a hidden door go into there there's 4 pokeballs and a hole go into the hole and there's a message decode it I don't know what it is so tell me if you do.


After you beat red on mt silver talk to mr. Pokemon and he will give you the blue orb. After that go to the embedded tower that is on route 47. Warning:kyogre is level 50 and knows the move aqua ring (which is very annoying).

Finding Blaine's Gym

Once you get to cinnavar island the gym wont be there. You have to surf east (left)to the seafoam islands if you read the sign in front of the cave opening there will be a notice saying that leader blaine has moved the gym in the cave all you do is go inside and go down the ladder.

Level Up Yur Pokemon Without Battling!

Follow these stepsDo this many, many times.NOTE: you must have a Pokewalker to do this.

Find Mewtwo

After you get all 8 kanto badges, then go to cerulean cave. You will have to traverse the cave to find mewtwo. He will be blocking a ladder ti the entrance. The cave is a big maze so don't get lost. Bring plenty of max repels to. Bring some medicine also he is level 70 and is pretty tough.

Fossils Finding

You will need a pokemon that knows rock smash. Go to Violet City, then head to Route 36. Go down to the Ruins of Alph. Go to the left a bit you will see III smash able rocks, use rock smash on them then press A. Sometimes you will get into pokemon battles or get items or even fossils. Then go down until you hit the back of the wall. Go left, then you will see two more rocks use rock smash again. If you don't get any fossils, no problem, just leave and come back the rocks will be back. Just keep doing this until you have enough fossils.


After you get the clefairy doll from the pokefan house, step out of the house and the hoenn champion Steven will ask you if you have seen this pokemon. He will show you a picture of latias. After that, you will be able to track latias on your pokegear.

Team Rocket Outfit

During the part when you go back to goldenrod. When team rocket takes the radio tower. Go to the underground place. And where you can take pictures there should be a team rocker grunt there. Talk to him and he will give you team rocket outfit. Enjoy it, because it doesn't stay on for long. *Takes Pics*.

Magnet Train Pass

To get the magnet train pass you have to talk to the copycat in saffron city (kanto)she will tell you she lost her clefairy doll and that if you find it she will give you the pass to find the clefairy doll you have to go to the pokemon fan club in vermillion city talk to the dude at the table and he will give you the clefairy doll take it to the copycat and she will give you the magnet train pass.

Get Lugia

To unlock lugia you have to have the silver wing (which you can obtain in pewter city)after you get the silver wing you can find lugia in one of the whirlwind islands near cianwood city.

Zapdos Articuno And Moltres

1 . You can find zapdos at the power plant 2. You can find articuno at the seafoam islands 3. You can find moltres at mt silver (note:they will appear in those areas after you beat red.

Get the National Dex

Once you defeat the elite four you can go to the SS Aqua ship in olivine city and get the dex there.


To make ho-oh appear 1. You have to have defeated team rocket at the radio tower 2. Have obtained the rainbow wing 3. Obtained all eight johto gym badges 4. Defeat the kimono girl and they will give you the clear bell 5. Go to bell tower and the kimono girls will be there, they will do a dance and ho-oh will appear.


Pokemon Ds Hacks Free Download Games

Press R+B to enable L+B to disable

Mew Event

HG Mew Event Code Hold L+R will appear in box Slot 1 same for all code's


(L+R) Activate the code before you go into the pokeshop collect your gift from GreenMan

Male Character Team Rocket

This is the code for action replay 62111880 00000000 B2111880 00000000 10025D90 00000102 D2000000 00000000 Thats it!


Event Items Action Replay

Hold L+R while entering any pokemart, talk to the man in green

Random Action Replay Codes

Pokemodifieryoy will get 493 masterballs and 100 ultra ballsultra balls are for level and masterball is for pokemon number. Trash balls till you get the right number you wantrebattle trainers hold R and talk to a trainer

Jiraichi Unlock Edge Of The Night's Sky Course (Action Replay)

Activate the code before you go into the shop collect your gift from GreenMan.

GREEN ORB (Action Replay)

GREEN ORB FCFF0000 62111880 00000000 B2111880 00000000 20009E4C 00000003 10009E50 00000214 D2000000 00000000 GO TO POKEMART BEFORE GOING IN HOLD (L-R).

Event Pokemon

Hold L+R while entering any pokemart.

Pokemon Rom Hacks Free Download

Action Replay

Unlock 8-bit Pokemon Music

After you obtain all 16 badges, go and talk to the music designer in Celadon.You will unlock the 8-bit originals from the original gold/silver games.

Unlock Cards

Black Card Earn 5 Stars
Blue Card Earn One Star
Bronze Card Earn Two Stars
Gold Card Earn Four Stars
Silver Card Earn Three Stars

Same Moves Coming Out From A Egg

I just now realized that sometimes when a egg hatches it gets like one or two of the same move. For example, I had a ditto (of course for the same pokemon)and a magmar. When the egg came out it was a magby and it had the moves Overheat and flamethrower but it didn't have Focus Blast. That was the same moves that magmar had. Like I said, it only gives you one or two of the same move.

We have no glitches for Pokemon HeartGold Version yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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