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  1. Gbc Download Pokemon Gold Hack

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I am a noob at making a romhack (I made a romhack for Emerald before, but it was small), but I want to try to make a romhack...

...where it's 3 years after the events of GSC.

So far, I've included:

Pokemon Gold Gbc Hack DownloadGbc

-Magnet Train moved to Ecruteak City (refrerence to GSC Beta)
-Magnet Train moved to Pewter City, removed Museum.
-Ilex Forest cut down. No more Ilex Forest. Say goodbye to it. ^_^
-Cianwood City has been destroyed, and now Chuck's gym is now in Route 41. An enterance to Whirl Islands has been removed too.
-A major landslide destroyed Mt. Silver, and has many rocks.
-New starting town (originally Cianwood).
-Cinnabar Island has been rebuilt.
-Viridian Forest has regrown.

That's just all for now.

Gbc Download Pokemon Gold Hack

I haven't done much now, but I'll do more.

No download link now.

Also, here is my ideas list:

The original PC from GSC can be battled at Mt. Silver Outside. He will have:

Typhlosion Lv. 87
Ampharos Lv. 85
Snorlax Lv. 84
Lapras Lv. 83
Skarmory Lv. 84
Alakazam Lv. 85

Pryce has died and is now replaced with Lorelei.
Red is the Champion (not stealing from Skeetendo Xmas hack).
Blackthorn Gym Leader is now the 4th e4 member.
Morty is now the 3rd e4 member.
Bruno is now the 2nd e4 member.
Will is now the 1st e4 member.
The legendary beasts can now be battled via event (Entei event will be retained).

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