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Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon are the first set of Generation VII Pokémon games, released for the Nintendo 3DS worldwide in 2016. These games contain the addition of Chinese to the languages bringing the total of languages playable in it to 9.

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In addition to this, there's the capability of receiving data from Pokémon Red, Green, Blue & Yellow through Pokémon Bank into this game.

The game is set in the Alola Region, where there are 81 New Pokémon, as well as special unique Alola Forms. It contains various improved graphical mechanics, as well as the return of trainer customisation.

In the game, you play as a trainer who just got to the Alola Region who soon learns about the difference that exists in the region. Rather than Gyms, the region has people gothrough the Island Trial Challenge before facing the Island Kahunas in Grand Trials.

While doing so, the player goes through the story of Team Skull and the Aether Foundation, as well as discovering the mystery behind the unusual Pokémon, the Ultra Beasts.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Download Hacked Games Commando

The game features numerous new modes including the four player battle mode, Battle Royal, the passive item & training mode, PokéPelago and the communication area, the Festival Plaza.


Pokémon is one of gaming’s most beloved and most recognised series. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the last game in the main series to be released on the 3DS. Enhancing the content featured in the previously released Sun and Moon games, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the perfect send off for the 3DS and the 2010s’ generation of Pokémon games.

Gotta Catch Em All

The story and premise of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will not surprise anyone familiar with the series so far. The game takes place in the Aloha region, which is based in Hawaii. The player takes control of a young Pokémon trainer who they get to customize. The story is largely the same as the original Pokemon Sun and Moon, albeit with some changes that improve the overall narrative. But players expecting an entirely rehauled story might be disappointed in how much they’ll recognize on their repeat playthrough.

Of course, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon comes with its own set of new Pokémon, which are creative, stylish and imaginative as ever. While mid generation Pokémon might get a lot of criticism from fans of the original set, the newer Pokémon make exploring the boundaries of Melemele Island all the more exciting.

Change For The Better

If new players have the option to play either Sun and Moon or its Ultra counterparts, then its highly recommended that they play Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon instead. These Ultra editions of the original game add much-needed changes, improvements and additions to the core game that make it one of the greatest games in the series to date. Changes to the game’s UI gives the game a brighter and more practical way to manage items, battles and Pokémon. And changes to the game’s pacing and dialogue give the game a faster and more satisfying pace throughout.

Activities like Mantine Surfing and Battle Agency are fantastic new additions to the established Pokémon formula that are easy to dive right into. That said, there is still no way to skip the inevitable tutorial section in which players are slowly told the ins and outs of capturing and owning Pokémon.

A New Dimension

The biggest change to Ultra Sun and Moon has to be in the different dimensions that the player can explore. Totally missing from the original Sun and Moon, the Ultra versions allow players to travel between pocket dimensions through wormholes, giving players the chance to discover new and super legendary Pokémon.

Endgame is improved as well with the Ultra wormhole system, giving the game a much needed energy boost when it comes to replayability once the credits have rolled.


Of course, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is what players might expect from the 3DS’ swan song. It provides one of, if not the best, Pokémon experiences to date. With a huge cast of Pokémon to catch and train, an expansive story, immersive NPC interactions, and new features to the established format, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon demonstrates that Game Freak have all but perfected the Pokémon formula that gives players an experience that they won’t soon forget.


  • Added content for a bigger experience
  • Improves on the foundation of Sun and Moon
  • Changes to story, dialogue and pacing

Pokemon Sun And Moon Download Hacked Games Coming


  • Story changes could have been increased
  • Not much enjoyment for returning players
  • Still has problems that have existed in the series since the beginning
Overall rating: 9