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Nowadays building games are getting much fame as these games are based on the very newbie idea. SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk is also among them. This game is also about building the building but quite different from the rest of the building games.

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Like the rest of the games usually has the idea of the building but more than building the city they emphasize on defend of the city but this game is truly a building game.

In this game, you are like the mayor of your city where you have to make your city green and clean. You have to grow your city larger and larger. Your taken decisions will mean a lot to the prosperity of your city.

Build your Metropolis, then start trading in your city to make your city more and more prosperous. This game will allow you to chat with fellow mayor of another city to learn more strategies for making your city more groomed.

Additional Information

NameSimCity BuildIt Mod Apk
Released by Electronic Arts
Updated on 2Dec 2020
Total downloads 100M+
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SimCity BuildIt

There are still some more features of this SimCity Apk to be known. These features will let you know about the main storyline of this game. So the main features related to the storyline of this game are.

  • City to Life
  • Spectacular Graphics
  • Defense
  • Connect with other
  • Become Mayor

City to Life

Build your city with skyscrapers, bridges, buildings, and houses to become a successful mayor. This game will allow you to strategically pay the taxes of your city. Thus from every aspect, you have to make your city come to life.

You can also provide services of hospitals, police departments, and traffic warden to keep your city flowing in the right way to prosperity.

Spectacular Graphics

This game has put a lot in the graphic. Every inch of this game looks like an HD animated movie which is always eye-catching. The amazing graphics of this game is the key feature for the popularity of this game.


As mentioned above this game is not all above the battle. The main idea of this game is just building and that’s all. But sometimes you can feel the fear of being attack by other mayors.

To keep your city peaceful to live you still have to take the right decision for the strategy to maintain peace in your city as a mayor.

Become Mayor

As you are the main character then you will be the mayor of that state. If you are wondering what is the mayor then let me quickly tell you. It is the person who has all the decision powers of any city.

So make sure the organized flow of your city to take it in the list of well-organized cities. Pay taxes, build their defense departments, and play with strategy.

Connect With Others

In this game, you can join the Mayor’s club to start trading with different mayors. This will not only let you groom trade of your city but in return, traders will teach you’re the prosperous keys of their city. Which you can apply in your to make is more peaceful.

Collaborate with others to complete their vision and in return take full advantage of them for the property of your city.


As build big, work together watch your city come to life is the main theme of this game. So the people with building game interest only will find this game quite addictive for its intense graphics work.

SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk will make you feel like the mayor of any real state which will encounter all the decision of the city. When you will organize your city this will put some good aspects of your personality too to become more organized in your life.

This game is worth downloading if you want to do it once on my suggestion I am sure you will never regret so. Happy Gaming!


Q: Is SimCity is a free game?

Simcity Buildit Hack Tool

Yes, this game is free.

Q: Does this game include in-app purchases?

Yes, this game does include some in-app purchases.

Simcity buildit hack direct download free

Q: Does this game is building idea based?

Yes, but very few modules of this game can be referred to for the defense part.

Simcity Build It Hack Direct Download Torrent

Q: What will be the last stage of building a city in SimCity?

Simcity Buildit Hack Mac

Keep going with the development to make your city larger and larger. The next stages will show the notification on coming soon. In short, without any limit, you can continue building.Download Button Exists