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Super Mario 64 Hack Download

Super Mario 64 Uploaded by: Manuz. Everything HD 1.0; 26,124 Donald; 24,346 Super Mario; 22,555. Scan everything you download here with your. Small Mario 64 hack with a few new levels. 21 stars to collect. Super Mario 64 Twisted Adventures: Super Mario 64 (U) !.z64: SomeRussianMarioDude: xdelta: Mario 64 hack with brand new levels. 151 stars to collect. Super Mario 64 Twisted Adventures 2.0: Super Mario 64 (U) !.z64: SomeRussianMarioDude: xdelta: Slightly improved version. Welcome to SM64Hacks! We have the greatest collection of all hacks and modifications of Super Mario 64, then game we all love. Get ready for new levels, new.

Super Mario Bros 64 Hack

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Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0
Project: Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0
Developers: razius
Official Site: Click Here
Source: Closed
Status: Active

A fresh looking texture pack please see the release thread for more detail.

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Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)


Filename Size Downloads Updated

1.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)52.63 MB64422015-11-21
2.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB20022015-11-21
3.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB16242015-11-21
4.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB17512015-11-21
5.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB17012015-11-21
6.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB16902015-11-21
7.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB16022015-11-21
8.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB16972015-11-21
9.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB16352015-11-21
10.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB17352015-11-21
11.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 (Other)67.00 MB21232015-11-21
12.Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR) 1.0 - Other n/an/a2015-11-21

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