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The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again, 'Pacific Rim' tops the chart this week, followed by 'White house Down.' 'Elysium' completes the top three. As with most Bond movies, Levin's career as a hacker was short lived - with a capture, imprisonment, and recovery of all but $400,000 of the original $10 million. 4: Michael Calce. 15 Best #hacking Films That You Should Watch Right Now. Live Free or Die Hard (2007) The fourth in the Die Hard series, Live Free or Die Hard, depicts a scenario where a hacker played by Timothy Olyphant (of Justified fame) takes down nearly the entire U.S. Infrastructure in an attempt to transfer trillions of dollars from. We are back with our weekly blog, ‘Top 10 Most Downloaded Movies of the Week’.Topping the chart this time is ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, followed by ‘The Foreigner’. ‘American Assassin’ completes the top 3. This week also welcomes three newcomers to our list. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the most downloaded movie this week. Top Hacker & Technology Based Movies List by Tukaram-Kalane created - 05 Oct 2012 updated - 03 Jan 2014 Public Most of the guys are looking for hacking and technology realated movies, So to avoid lots of searching I made this list and it focuses on technology and computer hacking.

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Movie torrent sites have always been everyone’s favourite source of getting any sort of media files, movies, songs, pdf, ebooks, Software and what not. But as recently a plenty of best movie torrenting sites are closed, a lot of people are wondering about the best movie torrent websites that are still working in 2021.

So let’s move further to Check out which best torrent movie websites are still active to serve all type media to the Torrents lovers.

15 Best Movie Torrent Sites for 2021

Before we get started with our top 10 list of best torrent sites for movies, let me specify that using torrent sites is illegal in some countries. And using such websites to downloaded movies is considered to be the law infringement.

So if you belong to any such countries where movie torrenting sites are banned, then you are suggested to access the below websites at your own risk. And do not forget to hide your IP in order to remain safe from getting trapped for indulging into illegal activities. On that note, let’s get started with the list.

1. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is the best movie torrenting sites of all time. And it’s my prominent source of getting Torrent files whenever I require downloading any latest movie, music or any media for that matter. The Pirate Bay is world’s most popular torrent indexing website which has the largest library of Torrent stuff than any other torrent sites on the Internet.

The reason which makes The Pirate Bay the King of Torrents sites is its sleek interface, fast processing and its large database of torrent files.


The Pirate Bay is available in as many as 35 languages, which makes it the best Torrent option for almost all the people in the world. With the sleek Interface, sleek design and a large collection of torrent stuff, The Pirate Bay has topped my list of top movie torrent sites. And it continued to remain my all-time favorite.

2. ExtraTorrent


With a large database of movies, songs, games, and Software, ExtraTorrent is the next big player in the Torrent world. In fact, Extratorrent is one of my first torrent websites which I have come across. Extratorrent was launched in the year 2006. And from the 12 long years, the website is serving the torrent lovers for free.

The ExtraTorrent Interface is intuitive and its really easy to browse through your favorite movies, Tv shows, music and other torrent files on the website. The thing which I like the most about ExtraTorrent is the listing of top 10 torrents of the current time in different categories like movies, TV, shows, music, games, Anime etc. on the Home page itself.

And if you want to search for particular torrent files from the ExtraTorrent database, there is a big search field on the top of the home page which you can use to search for your desired content.



Rarbg is another best movie torrent website which receives over 300k visitors per day. Rarbg facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. And it offers almost all type of torrent files including movies, music, Software etc.

The interface of RarBg is pretty identical to other torrent sites and it’s not much different from other sites in terms of Interface. When visiting the above link, you will see a pretty neat torrent search page with black and blue combination of colors. And there will be some suggested torrent above the big search button.There, you can search for your desired torrent file

So undisputably, Rarbg is one of the best movie torrent sites which you must visit in order to search for your favorite torrent stuff.



YTS.AG is yet another popular name and one of the top movie torrent sites on the list. Like any other torrent site available on the Internet, YTS.AG also offers almost all types of movie files in 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality.

YTS.AG has a straightforward Interface. And the website looks pretty much neat to surf around. And the movies available on YTS are in low-size but in high quality. Although, YTS might not have an as big database as the other top players in the industry. But I’m sure you won’t leave the website empty-handed after visiting YTS.



Are you looking for a torrent website that’s dedicated to TV torrents specifically?? If your answer is a Yes, then EZTV.AG is the one for you. It’s a TV torrent official website which has a large collection of TV series and files to choose from.

EZTV.AG is a popular website which receives millions of users every month and it’s no different from other top torrent websites when it comes to speed, processing, and Interface. So there is no point in describing how can you search for your favorite tv shows on the website since you already know it through other websites.

6. Torrentz


Unlike other torrent websites in the list, Torrentz is basically a meta-search engine of torrent files which brings out the result from almost all the top torrents sites on the list. So, in short, Torrentz is one such torrent site which is the combinations of dozens of other top torrent websites.

Torrentz mentions itself as the Mirror and it has over 309756 active torrents currently indexed on the website. So in short Torrentz is a reliable website which you must give a try if you want to explore more movie torrent options. Or to be precise, If you want to explore dozens of torrent options on one platform.

7. TorrentDownloads


TorrentDownloads is an excellent torrent site which offers to search and download movies of all kind. The interface of the website is awesome and it gives the vibes of a trustworthy platform. Unlike other cheap torrent websites, the TorrentDownloads doesn’t come with clumsy ads all over the page, and that’s the main reason which makes me like TorrentDownloads more.

TorrentDownloads has an amazing collection of torrents to browse through. And the home page is well categorized into different sections like music, TV shows, movies, games etc, which makes it really easy to navigate through the website.


Website: is yet another big player in the Torrents world. And it’s extremely popular among the movie lovers. The website has a large database of movies. And it primarily combines the results of TorrentSeeker, Zoogle, and Torrentz2.

The best thing about the website which sets it apart from the other torrent websites is analytics of the search trends. By viewing to the trending torrent of the current time, you will have the idea of what to watch. And if you have your watchlist along already, then you can dig it out from the website’s database by making a simple search from the search bar.

9. 1337X


The 1337X is one of the best torrent sites for movies and it’s pretty much popular among the torrent freaks. Like other top movie torrent sites on the list, 1337X also supports peer-to-peer file sharing. And offers all type of verified torrents downloading including movies, music, games, software and more.

In fact, 1337X has everything which makes it a prominent Torrent option. And I can bet, you will love the website as soon as you pay a visit on it. From beautiful sleek design to the sophisticated interface, a vast range of torrent files to the amazing collection of movies, music, Software, games etc, 1337X has everything which makes it stand out from the crowd.

10. Zooqle


The last but not the least, Zooqle is the next Torrent website which has made it to the list. The Zoogle has a collection of over 3 million verified torrents and that’s the prime reason behind its popularity.

After the Shutdown of Kickass torrents, Zoogle has emerged as one of the top movie torrent sites. And it’s getting more popular with the time. However, you do require to sign up on the website in order to download your desired torrent file. And for this very reason, I’ve listed this website in the last.

11. TorLock


TorLock can be your next choice to get latest and top movie torrents. Torlock has 49 million verified torrents now. Apart from movies, here you can get torrent links of television, games, music, software, anime, Ebooks, Audibook, images, adult and others.

TorLock features a clean and user-friendly interface. One of the best things about TorLock torrent movie site is that they pay $1 to its users for finding fake torrents. That indicated how much they care about quality. And that’s why it is known as No Fakes torrent site.

It is not the oldest torrent website but taking lead in the torrenting game and becoming users’ first choice.

TorLock has sections for fresh and Top 100. Under Fresh section, you will find all the torrent files which are added recently and under top 100, top 100 torrents as the name implies.


Website: is one of the oldest movie torrent websites. is providing you facility to download torrents of different content types including movies, games, music, TV shows, anime and others from 2009. LimeTorrents is banned in France and Australia.

LimeTorrents user interface is very friendly and well organized. You can find your desired movie torrent links here very easily. Database of LimeTorrents is very huge, it has 9+ million torrents and mostly torrents are legitimate.

If LimeTorrents is down or blocked in your country, you can try below mirror links.

Mirror links of LimeTorrents:

13. Kickass Torrents


Kickass Torrents is very oldest and popular movie torrent site like It has launched in 2008. According to Wikipedia, it was the most visited torrent website in November 2014.

It has been taken down many times by US authorities. That’s why Kickass Torrents owner and moderators keep changing Kickass Torrents extension many times or domain name is also changed many times in the past. It is blocked by a few countries and ISP providers.

Registration is optional. It let you download from old to latest movie torrents, apps, TV, anime, music, game, XXX, books and many other types of torrents. Well organized and browsing experience is great. Database of Kickass torrents is abundant. Hence, it got a mention in the list of movie torrenting websites.

KickAss Torrents Mirror Sites:


Website: allows you to download Hollywood movies, TV shows, Anime, WWE, Wrestling, UFC and 18+ adult movies. You can use search box and category to brose torrent files.

It keeps updated its torrent file database with new files. This way, you can find most of latest released movies download links here.

To download torrent file at, click at thumbnail and close the window which opens after clicking and then click again at thumbnail.

Now it brings you result page with links and screen shots. Now click on submit button for human verification, after clicking you will see full page and a button “Double Click To Generate Link” at top of page. Now double click on this and you will see a button at bottom “Go To Download Link” option. After click on this you will reach to final page which will show you download links. Sometime process can be vary.

Overall, it is good movie torrent website. If you are not happy with about movie torrent sites you can give a try to this. In case you don’t like this, move to the next.

15. MoviezAddication


MoviezAddication lets you download Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional movies. Apart from movies, you can download popular TV shows also.

At first clicks, ads may open or it can send you to new tab which you need to close and comeback to result page where you will find all info regarding movies along with download links.

If you find your favorite movie link broken, then you can tell admin by dropping a comment. He will happy to add as per your requirement.

Apart from these 13, there are several other movie torrent sites which are good enough and offers a decent collection of torrent files to search across. Some of them are below.

Other Languages Movie Torrent Websites :

Note: This article is solely for the educational purpose. In the recent past, downloading movies from torrents has been declared illegal. And we too don’t promote piracy.

Hand Picked Stuff for You:


With the sudden shutdown of many top movies torrents, lots of users were left in questions about which movie torrent sites are still online and can be relied upon. So in order to ease your work of research, I’ve compiled the above list of some old and latest movie torrents that are active even today.

With some new editions of the best movie torrent websites 2019 list, there are some old big fishes which have managed to survive the government ban. And out of all such websites, my all time favorites remains the same i.e. The pirate bay. And I hope the above list will help you too to come across some best movie torrent sites in 2019.

Haxploitation goes to the movies

With the winter nights drawing in, The Daily Swig is offering our readers a rundown of the best hacking films of all time.

We’ve decided to split our Top 10 list between classics of the genre and some left field suggestions, covering titles that involve hacking only in the broadest sense of the term.

Rather than ranking these films ourselves, we decided to run an online poll. After narrowing down a shortlist of 16 to four finalists, we ran a second vote... and the results are in!

Without further ado, here are the (unofficial) best 10 hacking movies of all time:

10. Tron (1982)

A software developer is transported to a digital dimension, populated by anthropomorphic computer programs, and forced to play gladiatorial games.

Best quote

Kevin Flynn: On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy.

Swig rating

Game changer.

9. The Italian Job (1969)

Michael Caine stars in this heist caper about an attempt to steal a gold shipment from the streets of Turin, Italy. The escape is abetted by hacking into a traffic control systems in order to create a traffic jam.

Best quote

Charlie Croker: Hang on a minute lads, I've got a great idea.

Swig rating

Blows the bloody doors off.

8. Citizenfour (2014)

Documentary about intel contractor turned NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, filmed by documentary maker Laura Poitras. Many scenes take place in Hong Kong, where Snowden first sought temporary refuge from the US authorities, as the leaked documents he exposed revealed the scope of US spying on its own citizens among other controversial surveillance programs.

Best quote

Edward Snowden: We are building the biggest weapon for oppression in the history of mankind.

Swig rating

Fives Eyes (FVEY).

Top 10 Hacker Movies Download

Edward Snowden's disclosure about western intel agency surveillance prompted worldwide protest

7. Die Hard (1988)

Off-duty New York cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) is the fly in the ointment for ‘exceptional thief’ Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and his criminal plans. Gruber makes use of hacking, among other techniques, in an attempt to get away with a fortune from a Christmas-time bearer bond heist of a Los Angeles skyscraper.

Best quote

Holly Gennero McClane: After all your posturing, all your little speeches, you're nothing but a common thief.
Hans Gruber: I am an exceptional thief, Mrs. McClane. And since I'm moving up to kidnapping, you should be more polite.

Swig rating


6. The Matrix (1999)

Hacker Thomas Anderson AKA Neo (Keanu Reeves) takes the red pill and discovers his reality is weirder and more dangerous than he could possibly have imagined. Anderson leads a rebellion against computer agents intent on snuffing out the human rebellion by any means necessary.

Top 10 Hacker Movies Download Hd

Best quote

Trinity: My name's Trinity.
Neo: *The* Trinity? Who cracked the IRS d-base?
Trinity: That was a long time ago.
Neo: Jesus...
Trinity: What?
Neo: I just thought... you were a guy.
Trinity: Most guys do.

Swig rating


The Matrix brought a cyberpunk sensibility into a film where hackers face off against an all-powerful AI

5. WarGames (1983)

David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) unwittingly hacks into a US military supercomputer and plays 'Global Thermonuclear Warfare'. High tension ensues. Arguably the first film in “hack-sploitation,” which established the cliched depiction of hackers as bored teenagers in their bedrooms up to no good with computers – and in way over their heads.

Best quote

David Lightman: Hey, I don't believe that any system is totally secure.

Swig rating

Mutually Assured Destruction.

4. Sneakers (1992)

The head of a misfit team of penetration testers, Martin Bishop (Robert Redford), gets embroiled in intrigue after the group is blackmailed into stealing a top-secret black box. A film that would make a fantastic double bill with Three Days of the Condor (1975), another Redford film.

Best quote

Cosmo: The world isn't run by weapons anymore, or energy, or money. It's run by little ones and zeroes, little bits of data. It's all just electrons.

Swig rating


3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

The titular hacker, Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara), teams up with journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) on a missing person case. The two uncover murder and corruption on a grand scale in an uncompromising Swedish-based drama that arguably did much to make Scandi-noir fashionable.

Best quote

Mikael Blomkvist: What are you doing?
Lisbeth Salander: Reading your notes.
Mikael Blomkvist: They're encrypted!
Lisbeth Salander: [Looks up at him] Please.

Swig rating


2. Hackers (1995)


Johnny Lee Miller and future ex-wife Angelina Jolie star as members of a rag-tag hacking crew unwittingly set up as the fall guys in a sinister computer-based extortion plot.

Best quote

Dade Murphy: Hack the planet!

Swig rating

The film that spawned a hundred memes. Loved and derided in equal measure in tech circles.

1. Mr. Robot (TV Series 2015-2019)

Vigilante hacker turned hacktivist Elliot Alderson becomes embroiled in a complex political struggle initially sparked by the attempts of an underground hacking group to take down a corrupt corporation.

Best quote

Elliot Alderson: A bug is never just a mistake. It represents something bigger. An error of thinking that makes you who you are.

Swig rating

Top 10 Hacker Movies Download Sites


Buffer overflow

Hacking movies that didn’t make our Top 10 list

  • Blackhat (2015)

  • A convicted computer criminal is released from jail on furlong in order to help the US and Chinese foil a dastardly terrorist plot.
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

  • US high school student breaks into school computer, changes grades and attendance record.
  • GoldenEye (1995)

  • Bond faces off against nuclear satellite hijacking hackers, including Boris ‘I am invincible!’ Grishenko.
  • Inception (2010)

  • A heist movie staged within the sub-conscious of its protagonists.
  • Independence Day (1996)

  • In which we learn that AlienOS is vulnerable to malware exploit (limitations, not an RCE).
  • Jurassic Park (1993)

  • Rogue sysadmin Nedry (Wayne Knight) uses hacking to steal dinosaur eggs, with disastrous results.
  • Mission: Impossible (1996)

  • Double agents, crazy tech and a (much subsequently spoofed) hack on the CIA mainframe.
  • Open Windows (2014)

  • A fan becomes a pawn in a deadly game after he accepts the chance to spy on his favourite actress via his laptop.
  • Primer (2004)

  • A group of tech entrepreneur inadvertently invite a device that hacks time itself. A “timey-wimey” miss-adventure ensues.
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1993)

  • We find a young John Connors has already learned mad ATM hacking skillz.

Top 10 Hacker Movies Download Torrent

Top 10 Hacker Movies Download Free

Did your favourite “hack-sploitation” film fail to make the list or do you disagree with our ranking of your own top picture? Let us know which hacking movies you think are the best on Twitter: @DailySwig