Xenon Hacked Client Download 1.8

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  • Tutorial to install Reflex Hacked Client: 1. Download Reflex Hacked Client. Create a new folder, named Reflex in.minecraft/versions. 3.Put Reflex.jar and Reflex.json on Reflex folder from minecraft/versions. Open Minecraft and create a new profile, that named Reflex and use version 'release Reflex'.
  • DOWNLOAD HACKED CLIENT HERE - XenonClient by: Owna.
  • Flare hacked client 1.8 LEAK 1.8.X Minecraft Flare Hacked Client OptiFine The Smooth Update 3.7 More Screen Shots How to use Click GUI: Y Keybinds: Left shift while in Click GUI Commands: Write in chat -help How to install First search for%appdata% Then click on.minecraft Then click on Versions Last step is to drag the Flare folder into the Versions folder Now you.
Client by: Sal/xXSKHXx
General Information:
Client Name: Kr0w
Current Version of Submission: 1.0.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8
OptiFine: Yes
NCP Bypasses: 1
Editable Ranges: Not Yet
Amount of Hacks in Current Submission: 29
Bugs Found: Upon switching/gaining/dropping Items, the normal InGame GUI Goes temporarily blank (Usually last about 2-5 Seconds), there may also be a “blank” screen while loading into worlds or servers
AimBot [L]
AutoMine [None]
AutoWalk [None]
BunnyHop [Z]
Chat Spam [None]
Chest Crasher [None]
Click Nuker [Y]
Climb [C]
FastBow [R]
FastFlight [None]
FastPlace [G]
Flight [F]
FullBright [B]
InvisibleAura [J]
KillAura [K]
Killer Potion [None]
MegaJump [X]
NameTag Crash [None]
NCP Step [M]
NoFall [O]
NoWeb [I]
Nuker [N]
Phase (Buggy/Not Working) [
Regen (Not Always Working/Laggy) [H]
Sneak [V]
Sprint [P]
Server-Sneak (Appear to be sneaking even if you aren’t) [I]
Step (Non-NCP) [U]
Twerk [None]
ATTENTION! FOR THE CUSTOM CAPE. I will ONLY add the cape to *official* usernames, by this I mean I will use the Mojang services to see if a User actually exist.

Xenon Hacked Client Download

Xenon Hacked Client 1.8 Download

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